Features That Just Work

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Unlimited Templates

In addition to a set of ready-to-use templates, you also have the option to completely customize your emails and newsletters. You can effortlessly build a template within our system or import your pre-existing design.

Unlimited Users

When you use Revize to e-blast your newsletters and other communications, you are never limited to a set number of recipients. You can send information to one recipient or to an unlimited number of recipients at no cost.


Exporting data from our system is simple to do and is especially useful for clients who wish to print and distribute hard copies of newsletters.


It’s easy to create groups and assign users to different groups so that you’re ensured of sending the right information to the right people with the click of a mouse.


You’ll always know what was sent to whom, and who received the emails or not, with our Stats feature. Also, wrong email addresses are reported in the stats. Keeping your mailing lists current is easy thanks to Revize Stats.

Activity Report

Whenever you need to review what’s been sent and where it went, simply log on and check your activity report.


Like everything Revize does, usability has been the #1 priority in developing our newsletter tool, so it is very easy to use.

Personalization and automation

Having to enter and reenter data is a drag. But too much automation can leave you feeling out of control. Revize’s newsletter tool offers the perfect balance: you can set the system to automate any or all of its functions while maintaining the power to easily change those settings at any time.

Flexible design options for teams of all sizes

No matter how streamlined or comprehensive your e-blast, you can rest assured that it will look terrific in the Revize platform. From a couple of paragraphs to tremendously detailed missives, your information will always be visually compelling and easy to read.

Send anytime

When you set up a mailing, you’ll be able to pinpoint the precise date and time you want the information sent. The system was designed to ensure that you’re entering the data correctly while not being cumbersome.

Built for growth

With no limits on the number of items you can send or the number of recipients you can send to, you’ll never outgrow Revize’s system capabilities.

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