June 8

New Product Release- Revize Agenda Manager App

Author: Dani Esterline

agenda app screenshot


TROY, MI-  Revize is excited to launch a new product that has been in the works for years, The Agenda Manager App. The idea for this app originated from client and prospect feedback the Revize team received over the years and the product has been finalized for purchase this past month.

“The new Agenda Manager App is definitely a high-demand feature for local governments, and we’ve been fine-tuning the app over the years to make sure it’s as user-friendly as possible.” Special Projects Manager at Revize, Thomas Jean, says. 

Editing on Agenda Manager

Essentially, the intent of this app is to allow users to create and manage meeting agendas for multiple boards and commissions in a simple manner.

The app allows administrators to set up new meetings, assign a specific agenda to the meeting, and modify it too. Along with that, the app features many bells and whistles to add more information and context to meetings and agendas. With premade templates, user and admin controls, and the ability to add attachments, this drag-and-drop app is easy to use and efficient.  

This app was built with local government needs in mind. Our goal is to make it the most user-friendly system in the industry. Both for our clients and their constituents.”   Special Projects Manager at Revize, Thomas Jean, says. 

Agenda Manager Webinar

The app is now available for use and purchase, and Revize recently conducted a webinar to better inform local governments of the purpose and functionality of the app. 

Interested in learning more about the new cutting-edge app? Contact us today. 

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