July 19

What Do the Best Government Websites Have in Common?

Author: Thomas Jean

It is believed that success on the internet is simply a matter of following standards, minding businesses and using tools that are available. The most successful government websites have the following things in common -
  • They keep in mind that all kinds of people will be accessing the website. Some people may be well-versed with navigating websites but others may not possess the ability to surf through conveniently. The content should be well-organized and easily interpreted by the readers. Hence, good government websites will definitely keep this is mind.
  • They use government website CMS and UX practices to structure website elements such as site flow, contact information, designs, usability and navigation. More and more people are now using phones to access the websites. All the superior websites make sure that websites are easily accessible through smartphones.
  • All the good government websites are usually not categorized or divided by department. Your website viewers and visitors are usually not familiar with your organizational structure and can have difficult time finding information if the site is organized in this way. But whatever the department, the aim is to serve its citizens.
  • The website are split up by the audience type such as residents, tourists, businesses etc or by tasks such as pay a bill, getting information on current events or finding a job. They also focus on the fact that the users find the relevant information conveniently and understand it.
  • Government websites are fairly simple and avoid visitors with too many preferences, choices, moving visual elements and images.  Government website CMS successfully updates content, videos, imagery, documents, videos and other forms of media. It serves several benefits such as saving some money, ease of use and security and liability.
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