May 10

Revize Apps Run Down- Explanation and Execution

Author: Dani Esterline

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With over 20 years of experience, we know how important government websites are to drive resident engagement. Government website platforms call for specific apps and integrations to make the user experience pleasant, and we’ve grown to create a suite of apps to accomplish just this. 

As we grow our list of clients, we’ve kicked off a webinar series to greater explain the use and function of our Revize apps. That said, we thought it might be useful to add some context to our apps and how real local governments are utilizing the apps for constituent engagement.  Here are the Revize apps, and how municipalities are using them.

Let’s get into it then, starting off with our app we most recently covered in the webinar series:

Forms App-
An ideal feature for government agencies to engage with residents to meet their needs proactively. The application serves as an interactive forms app where residents can submit any type of form like water stop and start services, dog licenses, etc. The app reduces the need for residents to mail or call in forms and is represented beautifully by the City of Arcadia, CA.

Forms City of Arcadia

Minutes & Agendas- Minutes and agendas are crucial for local government meetings, and keeping track of meetings helps with organization. Each time a meeting occurs, the agenda and information are archived to make for easy access in the future. Take a look at the vibrant site of the City of San Demas, CA, and how they maintain transparency with residents. 
san dimas agenda meetings

Notification Center- The notification center app provides residents with timely updates to keep them in the know- whether it's weather-related, an update about COVID-19 resources, or a general notification for a message you want to get out to residents. See how the City of Olympia, WA lets residents participate in a public safety survey using the notification center.
City of Olympia, WA

Business Directory-  Business Directory App gives the opportunity to showcase businesses in your municipality, and show residents or vendors relevant contact information. Show your pride in your local businesses and take a note from the Borough of Berlin, NJ.

business directory - Copy (2)

Calendar App- Keep residents and employees informed of activities, meetings, and other events in the community. The app allows for a visual display of ongoing events. Burlingame, CA displays events and happenings for users beautifully on their calendar app. 

calendar app - Copy

Google Maps App- Attract residents to feature locations in your area with the Google Maps App integration, and highlight specific locations in your community. Riverton, WY offers a map with highlighted City of Riverton Landmarks & Attractions in a visually stimulating way.

Riverton WY Google Maps

Photo Gallery-  A chance to show the beauty of your place in images, and allow users to see first-hand what makes your place so special. Each municipality has a certain something that’s unique to them- let residents know with the photo gallery app, like Jackson County, Indiana, and Pickens County, SC.
photo gallery JACKSON COUNTY IN
pickens county, sc photo gallery

FAQ's App- Questions are inescapable no matter what industry you’re in, and it’s no different for local governments and the residents they serve. Cut call times down and offer a place for frequently asked questions and those answers. Troy, MI (where Revize is headquartered!) shows a stunning display of commonly asked questions.

faqs.jpg - Copy

e-Notify-  Let residents know what's happening and when with the E-Notify app, an app where residents can subscribe to meetings and agenda pages so they can be updated on the things they care about. The Town of Southington, CT showcases the effortless e-notify system in action.

Parks Reservation-  A great way for parks to show the resources available to residents, and how to reserve space. You can search availability and decide which facility might be best suited for you.  Madeira, OH shows the ease to reserve a park resource on their site. 

parks reservation - Copy

Staff Directory- Residents desire transparency, and sometimes that can be as simple as getting in contact with the right person. Hence the need for a staff directory and showing residents how to get in touch with who is serving them. Borough of Alpha, NJ does a nice job of showcasing their staff with updated information.

staff directory

Public Service Request App- An app essential to make residents’ concerns feel heard and seen. It allows residents to submit requests as they see concerns like park and playground maintenance, water and sewer, or street or sidewalk issues. The beauty of the app is interactive communication, where multiple individuals need to be able to post, track, and resolve any type of request. Kentwood, MI shows the app in action.        
                            public service requests- kentwood, MI

Document Center- This app is beneficial for cost savings for municipal organizations. You can create and archive documents that users ask for: applications, brochures, manuals, meeting minutes, and more. Offering documents online and accessible helps save printing and mailing costs in the long run. City of Largo, FL shows how easy transparency can be with documents for constituents.
document center CITY OF LARGO, FL

Job Application- Hiring quality talent can be daunting, but the process can be made simple with a job application posting on your government site. Potential job seekers require ease and access when submitting applications, and Vernon County, WI executes the process seamlessly with the app.

Job Application

Bid Posting-  Bid posting is an inevitable process for government agencies when going through community projects, and the Revize bid posting app makes it simple to keep track of timelines, dates, and quotes for bid proposals to the public and potential vendors. You can also automatically post and remove any bid from the website. Clark County, NV shows bid opportunities in a visually aesthetic way.

Bid Posting - Copy

Bottom Line: It's up to you to determine which apps will be of most benefit to your municipality, but Revize is here to help and guide you through the journey. Interested in learning more? Contact us today.

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