August 27

Guide to Building the Best Village Website

Author: Amit Chauhan

Village home with bicycle in front of doorway

Every country, state, city, town, and even village needs its own space on the digital platform. It builds credibility, attracts businesses, helps people find the location they’d like to visit, find accommodation, make use of services, and help residents track information. At Revize, it is our constant effort to follow the industry best practices and come up with cost-effective village websites that can benefit all individuals accessing the site.

Why does a village need a website?

Believe it or not, a website makes a real impact on the village. Here are a few reasons why you should seriously think about getting one.

  • Your village gets a firm footing in the digital space and people from around the world get to know about it.
  • People get to foster a sense of connection with everyone in the local community.
  • Local residents of the village get to stay up-to-date with various local news and announcements.
  • Local residents can download or fill up forms and applications directly through the website, reducing workload at the local government office.
  • You can attract the attention of more businesses and investors to come to your area.
  • Village websites are perfect for inviting tourists to your village and giving them a brief idea about what to expect at the place.


Design Tips on Building Quality Village Websites


The best village websites work in a myriad of ways and are great for getting different tasks done. Here are few design tips to build a proper village website.


  • Latest news: Your village website can be the best and primary source of valid local information for the residents of the village. All such news or announcements should be clearly presented and listed such as in the form of carousels, blocks, or feeds so that it is easily accessible by all.


  • Quick access to key functions: The village website should provide people easy access to local services. Try gathering and including all that’s relevant for people of the village such as tax information, job vacancies, information on permits, birth and death certificates, and more. Present the information neatly with prominent call-to-action buttons.


  • Search box: Even if your website offers a quick access menu, sometimes people still find it hard to locate key information or services they seek. This is why we highly recommend offering a user-friendly search box. It’s super convenient, and the best digital agencies add extra features into search options like autocomplete, quick suggestions, and more.


  • Event calendar: If you are trying to promote your village for tourism, you’d have to include an event calendar. It would give prospective tourists and guests an idea about all the upcoming events and fairs in the area. This would help them in planning their trip accordingly so that they can actually enjoy the local events.


  • Mobile-friendliness: No matter what you are building the village website for, it has to be mobile-friendly, particularly because your target audience would mostly be accessing the site through their smart devices. That’s why having a responsive design would be a big boost! It’s the perfect way of making sure that your website works flawlessly on every device it’s being accessed on.


  • Social media integration: Want your audience to feel the heartbeat of your community? Well, the best village websites are those that come with proper social media integration. Add social media feeds, social media icons, and the village social media page links to the website with correct contact information, to widen your reach and interaction with people.


How does Revize help?
At Revize, we believe in making government websites better – sites that aren’t just pleasing to look at but also get the job done without any hassle. We are proud of our award-winning government websites and would love to work with you on your village website. Connect with us to find out more about our mastery website designs and development, and how our team can actually help you in building the perfect village website that effectively serves its intended purpose, and more.

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