November 14

Arlington Heights, IL: Promoting the Accessibility and Responsiveness of Web Design

Author: Kathleen McGee


Arlington Heights, IL
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Arlington Heights, IL started the project with a comprehensive analysis to define clear goals, objectives, and scope. A detailed project brief was created, outlining specific features, functionalities, and deliverables. Extensive research was conducted to understand the target audience, industry trends, and competitors. The detailed project brief, included timelines, milestones, and resource allocation, constructed to guide the development process.

The Goals

  • Provide users with an easy to navigate platform that was modern in appearance aligning usability with current web design trends.
  • Within this goal, focused improvement on mobile responsiveness, better search results, and an organized sitemap structure.
  • Include eye- catching elements and graphics.
  • Seamlessly integrate the website with social media making sharing content simpler.

The Challenges

One unique challenge faced was the timeline. With the old website contract expiring, there was a very tight timeline to design, organize, and launch the new site, with a hard deadline looming in the near distance.

The Approach

The internal website project team included one staff person from each department, to serve as an advocate for their specific wants and needs. They also served as an ambassador of the project within their departments. Regular collaboration and communication ensured a holistic understanding of project requirements and facilitated problem-solving.

Recognizing the importance of mobile users, the project adopted a mobile-first design strategy. The website was designed and tested for responsiveness across various devices and screen sizes, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Communication channels were established to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged. Regular project updates, status meetings, and the use of project management tools ensured that everyone was on the same page regarding project progress and challenges.The project didn't conclude with the launch. Post-launch, the team continues to actively monitor website performance, user feedback, and analytics. Continuous optimization efforts are made based on data-driven insights to enhance the website's ongoing effectiveness

The Results

When launching a new website that is used by 190,000 people annually, one of the best reactions is to receive is no feedback. Usually this means that people are able to successfully navigate the website and, in this situation, no news is good news. However, after the launch of the new and improved site, unsolicited feedback from many residents and staff members, all positive reactions, collected.

The Feedback
“Almost one year after the launch of our new website, Revize team members continue to innovate and create solutions for challenges that we have identified along the way. I know we can always count on our Revize team to help with whatever the future holds. ”Avis Meade, Communications and Outreach Coordinator

“The project redesign was an intensive project that affected all of our Village’s departments. The potential for a disappointment was real, but we worked together with our internal team, and our Revize Team, and we produced a great product. Overall, our success hinged on the willingness, cooperation, and support of our Revize Team and we are very satisfied with our working relationships.” Arlington Heights Employee

“When we contracted Revize to be our new website provider, we presented a very tall order for them to fill. We were up against a deadline, had a very small team, and our website had large amounts of old and out of date materials to sort and organize. Working with Thomas we knew that if there was an issue that we had, he would work with the Revize team to solve it. When working with Denise, she held our hand through the process, calmed our nerves, and got us through to the finish line.” Arlington Heights Employee

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