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Webinar Topic:  Best Practices for Disaster Recovery
April 26, 2021

No one ever wants to hear the word "disaster" when discussing their organization and resources. Disaster Recovery aims to protect agencies tech resources , and prevent disruptions. You can watch this informative Webinar by clicking the video below.

Hosted by Revize CTO, Akshaya Ray
Headshot of Akshaya Ray
and Revize Marketing Specialist, Dani Esterline
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Webinar Topic:  Intranets: Government Best Practices During Covid-19
March 22, 2021
The pandemic has impacted organizations in big and small ways, but one thing is for sure: we have changed the way organizations and employees  operate. With the addition of increased remote work, and advancement of technological resources, there is a new normal for organizations and the employee experience.

This Webinar explains the usefulness of Intranet, and how Revize clients utilize the most of Intranet services.
During COVID-19, employees need easy to access and usable Intranet resources. 
Take a look below with our recorded Webinar.

  Hosted by Revize Marketing Specialist , Dani Esterline
Photo of Dani Esterline, Marketing Specialist
And Revize Lead Trainer,  Denise Brazier  
Photo of Lead Revize Trainer Denise Brazier

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