February 19

Press Release: Van Buren Township Unveils New Revize Government Website

Author: Dani Esterline


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February 19, 2021

VAN BUREN, MI The Township of Van Buren launched a new government website design with the help of Revize, The Government Website Experts. On Tuesday February 16th, The Board of Trustees held a meeting discussing the amped up website that will better serve the residents and employees of Van Buren Township.    

“This has been a long collaborative process involving every department and includes outside studies,” said Supervisor Kevin McNamara. “Every department has been working with the Communications team to build a user-friendly searchable website. I am very proud of the spirit of shared intelligence and community that was put into building out this website.”

As stay at home orders and unpredictable weather continue, government agencies like Van Buren Township are relying on the most up to date communication and municipality website tools. Alysha Albrecht, Communications Specialist of Van Buren Township says, “We’ve constantly discussed how to make this site as user-friendly as possible. “Now with Revize features, within seconds residents should be able to find what they’re looking for on the home page.” Some new features include quick links with a scrolling bar, and email and text notifications where residents can sign up for real time updates.  


Another new additional feature holds space for Van Buren employees, with the role out of an intranet server. “Intranet is basically our internal communication through the site, where employees can login and view employee resources. It’s a great feature to keep Van Buren Township and employees together in one unified space.” Ryan Nichols, Communications Specialist says.

Revize is a leading government municipality web design company, that works with many other townships, counties, and cities in Michigan and across the U.S.  Revize's Sales and Business Development Director, Joseph Nagrant, says, “We are constantly trying to be better than our last website. We’ve utilized best practices for Van Buren’s website to ensure top performance.”

The proof is in the pudding with the new live Van Buren Township website. Executive Assistant Dan Selman says, “We want to thank Revize for helping us build such a visual and dynamic website.” For a better look at the best government websites, you can request your own Revize demo by clicking here.


 Van Buren Township Lake, Photo Courtesy of Alysha Albrecht

Revize Software Systems is a unique government municipality web design company based in Troy, Michigan. Since 1995, the company has built and designed beautiful, reliable, and accessible websites for government municipalities across the U.S. With a diverse team of experts, it’s no wonder Revize won two awards from Horizon Interactive Awards for accomplishments in computer software management in 2019. Revize is committed to high performing customer service and web design. The Revize client base includes government agencies such as Arcadia, CA, St. Petersburg, FL, Troy, MI, Des Moines, IA, Oswego County, NY, and many others.

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