August 10

Revize Expands and Opens New Office in Houston, Texas

Author: Dani Esterline

Houston Skyline

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August 10, 2021

Houston, TX: After over twenty years of the government website company headquartered in Troy, Michigan, Revize plans to expand and open a new office in Houston, Texas. Business Development Director of Revize, Joseph Nagrant spearheads this movement heading down to the south this past weekend.

“The company has clients across the nation and many located in Texas, so it seemed natural to grow the company where we have a large clientele,” Nagrant says. The government website experts have clients that range across the nation, anywhere from California to New York, and the company has launched over 2,300 sites.

“We’ve talked about the expansion for a long time, and we’re eager to see the expansion come into a reality.” the Business Development Director of Revize says.

So far, the company has hired a few resources based out of Houston, Texas, and continues to hire employees to meet the demand of new clients. “Of course, for any business the major goal is growth, and we knew that there was a market for potential in this area. The expansion was a no-brainer. Chief Strategist of Revize,  Akshaya Ray says.

The Revize team continues to hold a high standard of excellence and expertise in website building and is thrilled to see the company grow larger. While there is a new office opening in Houston, the Revize company will remain the same as a pioneer of responsive, beautiful, and ADA-accessible web design.

Revize Government Websites is a unique government web design company headquartered in Troy, Michigan. Since 1995, the company has built and designed beautiful, reliable, and accessible websites for government municipalities across the U.S while maintaining excellent customer service.  The Revize client base includes government agencies such as Arcadia, CA, St. Petersburg, FL, Troy, MI, Des Moines, IA, Oswego County, NY, and many others. The Revize Texas client base includes government agencies such as Bell County, TX, Montgomery County, TX, Wylie, TX, Edinburg, TX, Belton, TX,  and Windsong Ranch Community Association, TX.


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