January 24

Revize Celebrates Another Great Year

Author: Revize: The Government Website Experts


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Revize Celebrates Another Great Year

An overview of the last year at Revize: The Government Website Experts

Troy, MI: The last year at Revize has been amazing; we started many new projects, launched new applications, and greatly increased our client base across the country. Here are a few of the highlights from Revize during 2018:

  • 35% Year-over-year (YoY) Growth
  • Revize Online Payment API Released
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Application Released
  • Launched Over 300 Live Sites
  • Over 300 New Clients Added

Many of Revize’s websites received nominations and awards in 2018. One is the website for Hutto, Texas, which received the Best Municipal Website Award for under 100,000 population from the 2018 Texas Association of Municipal Information Officers (TAMIO) Awards. The City of Largo, Florida also received the Savvy Award for Best Overall Website from the City-County Communications & Marketing Association (3CMA).

“Every day Revize is being recognized, more and more, as the leading government website experts. Our 2018 growth is showing how governments are benefitting from our best practice,” said Joseph Nagrant, Revize’s Business Development Director. “This has led to us getting more “word-of-mouth” references than ever before.”

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Revize has positioned itself as the Government Website Experts in the United States. Moreover, with as great as the last year has been there are still areas we are looking to improve. Moving into 2019, Revize plans to keep releasing new products, adding to their client list, and continuing on their path of growth.

About Revize: Founded in 1995, Revize dedicated itself to enhancing the communications of municipalities, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations through simplified information management technologies. Revize’s innovative web design, content management system, and a suite of web apps are designed specifically to help our clients engage effectively with their constituents.

The Revize client base includes government agencies such as Burlingame, CA, St. Petersburg, FL, Monroe County, MI, Seguin, TX, Flagler County, FL, and many others.


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