What's Revize?

A robust CMS

It's a web based software used to create beautiful websites that can be updated easily

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Revize CMS
Built for Municipalities

The Revize Content Management System (CMS) is the best in the industry as far as ease of use and features are concerned. The CMS gives users the ability to edit the site whenever needed. Our experienced training staff will train and support users in the CMS which allows users to communicate efficiently and effectively through their website.


Editing Tools
Simple as pie

Two decades of development have yielded an interface that is powerful yet easy to learn. Local governments are asked to do more with less to meet the expectations with a reduced budget. The Revize CMS comes with a number of features and editing tools designed for anyone, prioritizing flexibility and ease of use. Best of all, no special software is required to edit your website’s content; you can edit right on the web page after logging in.

Used by governments
All over the country

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Social Media Tools
Share and follow

With the proven ability to strengthen and deepen interpersonal connections, social networks present a wonderful opportunity for government organizations to increase community engagement and make themselves more accessible to the people they serve. Using social media and Twitter mainly is extremely important for improving transparency in a local government web design and build the best government website. Revize offers a comprehensive line of popular social media applications and networking using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.


Easy to follow videos
Watch and follow

Once your staff has been thoroughly trained by Revize’s expert teachers, we will send you links to our entire series of instructional videos so that you can review procedures step-by-step, at your own pace and at your convenience. Science suggests that the maximum learning occurs from audio and videos. To create the best government website, it is significant to incorporate easy to follow videos to transfer information easily and enhance the local government web design. Of course, our team will always be available for one-on-one refreshers, if you prefer.


Step-by-step Guidance
You're never alone

Once your website is ready for you to begin editing, Revize will train you on how to operate the Administrative and Content Editor functions so you can manage your website. We typically provide this training on-line; however we can also provide on-site training for your staff if you prefer. Training materials can be downloaded from the Revize website. After training, our friendly and responsive support staff is always here to answer questions and provide training refreshers as needed.


SEO Optimized
Rank much higher

Done correctly, Search Engine Optimization can dramatically increase the number of visitors to your website by ensuring that you land at the top of the results on all the major search engines and is more important than ever. Higher rankings translate directly into more site visits. Good SEO practices does not only improve the user experience and the usability of the website but also the government CMS. There are a million companies that sell SEO services, but none can come close to offering the experience and integrity of Revize.

Yes, on all screens

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Only the latest code

Once you’ve approved the design for your new website, the Revize development team transforms it from mere pictures into fully-functioning HTML5/CSS3 and Revize Smart Tag enabled web page templates using the Revize Dreamweaver Extension. The Revize Smart Tags are fully customizable and allow customers to expand functionality as needed. To maximize this extensibility, the full Revize Java API is provided to clients with our Advanced Training Program.


100% Secure
Safe and sound

You may think that your website is protected but may be compromised all the time. The majority of website security breaches are meant to steal the data or deface the website, but uses your server as an email relay for spam or for a temporary server to serve files of an illegal nature. Revize takes website security very seriously and provide clients with the very best website protection protocols. Our data centers are located on secure premises equipped with card-reader access, security cameras and guards on duty 24/7 to ensure physical protection from unauthorized entry and detect and solve any harm to the business. Our web and network administrators monitor network activity 24 hours a day to maintain system integrity and protection against threats such as Denial of Service (DoS) attacks that could corrupt your website or block user access. From blogs and other content driven sites to e-commerce websites, Revize steers your municipal website design for malware injections, website vulnerabilities, and other threats to your online business. Maintaining the secure configuration of our web servers is managed through application of appropriate patches and upgrades, security testing, vulnerability scans, monitoring of logs, and backups of data and OS.


Create content faster

Drag-n- Drop - This feature is not very intuitive by nature but if implemented properly can be a good feature to have. Drag-n- Drop allows you to drag and drop images and files from your local computer onto your new website. This makes it incredibly easy to upload a single picture or multiple files and create the best government website easily. If you keep the design considerations in mind, I think you can design a user-friendly drag and drop feature.

Lightning fast
Don't blink

Revize CMS is so easy to master that changes and additions to your site can be done with lightening fast speed. This allows for fast and efficient updates saving your business cost and time. You can update content, upload images, post minutes and agendas, and create hyperlinks in the blink of any eye with Revize’s incredibly easy-to-use system.

Easy to use
As 1, 2, 3

Working with Revize makes life as easy as 1-2-3. Your beautiful and functional site will be up and running quickly. Users will be trained in a flash. Problems are resolved in no time. When it comes to your website, it doesn’t get better than Revize.

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