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This is a free platform that we are making available to selected government agencies. The platform allows citizens to find their polling location, confirm their voter registration, view key dates, and answer any frequently asked questions. You can sign up for your own version of this platform by completing the form below. After we verify your credentials, we will contact you to help you get things set up. You will then be able to add your own logo, edit the upcoming dates, and add frequently asked questions. Then you can link to your version of Election Connection from your website or point a unique URL to your own Election Connection.

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What’s Included?

Google Maps Integration

Once a citizen enters their address, Google Maps tiles will appear showing their available polling locations with addresses, dates, and times.

View Key Dates

Voters can view all upcoming primary and general elections based on their address; along with voting dates and times.

Check Voter Registration

Citizens can also check to see if they are registered to vote. If not, they are shown where and how they can register.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions specific to your community can be added here to give citizens more information on upcoming elections and voting in your area.

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