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Transforming the City of Pittsfield Into a Multifunctional Government Website Platform

The City of Pittsfield, MA is a hub for arts and culture, engaging residents, and traveling tourists, which required the municipality to have a superb website. The tech-savvy and innovative employees of the City of Pittsfield selected Revize, The Government Website Experts after a high-stake RFP process for the redesign of their municipality website.

The City of Pittsfield desired a website with all the gadgets and gizmos residents could ever need, while making crucial information clear and transparent.  Through the past 12 years, the City of Pittsfield continues to grow as a leader in the space for government website excellence while collaborating with Revize along the way.

The Goals:

  • Bringing information residents need to know to the forefront of the homepage
  • Creating a platform for census counting that decreases Pittsfield resources
  • Making a website accessible and manageable on a variety of devices (Desktop, Tablets, Phones)
  • Creating a user-friendly CMS for administrators to post timely information

The Challenges:

  • The old Pittsfield website was difficult for users to find important information, causing the city to receive 30-40 calls a day from residents.
  • Excess census letters being sent into the voter office
  • Adapting to CMS software that translates to multiple devices
  • The previous Pittsfield website was difficult to use for employees, causing information posting to be delayed.

The Approach:

The approach for this plan encompassed technological innovation, and a hands-on approach to creating leading responsive web design and new wave features. The IT Support Specialist of Pittsfield, Scott Connors, worked one on one with Chief Technology Officer of Revize, Derek Ortiz to create a specialized census app online entry form. This app eliminated the need for residents with no changes in their homes to send a letter into the city voters' office. In addition, the  Business Development Director of Revize spearheaded this project, Joseph Nagrant, provided timely responses to Pittsfield’s questions and ideas. The Sales Business Development Director aided in bringing to light the city’s inventive ideas and create the most opportunity for their government site.

The Results:

The City of Pittsfield is now a multi-functioning community engagement website, that offers leading services for residents. The Census App was created with the help of Revize and lowered the amount of unnecessary mail that the voting office was receiving in previous years. The website now features cutting-edge web design, with a homepage that highlights anything and everything a resident could need from their municipality. The government agency has received notes from residents of the ease of the website on different devices, and now employees of the city can now easily access web content editing features. 

The Feedback:

“Revize is a great company that is open to our needs and ideas, and it’s nice to have a relationship with a vendor where we can pick up the phone and speak to an actual person.”
- Scott Connors

“We now have an easier time editing the site, which makes posting information and updates more efficient.
- City of Pittsfield Employee Feedback

“Since the addition of the census app, we’ve noticed a significantly less amount of unnecessary census letters, reducing our employee resources.”
- City of Pittsfield Voter Office

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                 Out With the Old in With the New: Clark County, NV Web Redesign

For large government agencies like Clark County, Nevada, staying up to date with current website standards can be difficult. Especially in the midst of government responsibilities and a global pandemic. The county has a population of about 2.4 million residents, making a functional website crucial to the county. In April of 2019, the county embarked on a journey with the Revize team to modernize the 10-year-old  website to benefit county constituents and staff.   After a competitive RFP process, Revize won the opportunity to help  Clark County with the goal of creating a more modernized website. The staff met with Revize to discuss their vision for an updated website. From there, the Revize team worked  hand in hand with Clark County every step of the way to produce the government website of their dreams.

The Goals:

• Reducing stale and outdated content and web pages
• Bringing the most used content functions by residents to the main navigation (online payment, assistance benefits, top services) 
• Building a website with a mobile-friendly design
• Meeting the needs of the community with well-organized content

The Challenges: 
Before the Revize web design, the Clark County site didn’t clearly direct residents to the top services they needed, which became imperative during the pandemic when residents need assistance. In addition, the website had around 4,000 pages of 
content that needed to be sorted through, updated, and optimized.

The Approach:
The design approach centered around integrating government website
 best-practice features, while adhering to the needs of the diverse and large population 
of Clark County. The development process was about a year long and included pulling 
analytics to see which pages residents were using most often, 
while collaborating with the Revize Team along the way for tech support. 
The design approach included implementing Revize website features like:
• One-button language translation services
• Curated-search feature
• Navigation menu that focuses on Top Services for residents 

The Results:
The Clark County website is now an award-winning government site and won an award at the 27th annual Communicator Award program for web design excellence in 2021. The new site is mobile device optimized, includes clear navigation panels, modern aesthetic, user-friendly features, and best-practice standards. The Clark County staff plans to continue to work with Revize while expanding their site in the future. 

The Feedback:
There are so many generations using our website now, ranging from Gen-Z to Baby Boomers. Our new web design
showed how accessibility creates
potential for residents, and that the sky is the limit when it comes to the opportunities for Clark County and its constituents.”  - Bob Leek (Deputy Chief Information Officer of Clark County, NV)

What I like most about our new website is the modernized aesthetic look and feel of the site. The homepage of our website is
bold, vibrant, and easy for our constituents
to navigate and find their desired information.” - April Houston (Senior Business Systems Analyst of Clark County,  NV)

“The new website is easier to use, clean, and makes it easy to find what I am looking for; great improvement.” -  Public Feedback
 Clark County, NV

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