January 24

Why Police Departments Websites Should Invest in Cybersecurity in 2022

Author: Dani Esterline


Government websites are notoriously known for being vulnerable to cyber security ransomware attacks, and police departments are no different in the scheme of gov agencies at risk in 2022. In 2021, there were numerous accounts of ransomware attacks against police departments, making a robust web platform even more important when looking ahead to technology adaptions in 2022.

We know that police departments deal with secure information that is especially private, like evidence statements and employee information that can span over many years. Police department websites hold information that if exposed, could put citizens and law enforcement at risk. 

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The past couple of years have been budget-limited for government agencies across the nation, and upgrading CMS software hasn’t exactly been at the forefront of project planning. Turn-over rate and limited cyber professionals at police departments contribute to delays in upgrading software and hiring IT professionals equipt to handle ransomware attacks or even act with preventive measures. 

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What’s at risk:
Ransomware attacks present opportunities for private information to be lost or stolen forever. An article on GovTech says “Agencies that used software to track crime statistics or use-of-force incidents could see a decade’s worth of information wiped out, for example, and may struggle to recapture it from paper sources.”

Acting with preventative mindset, not reactive mindset:
Ransomware attacks can leak private information that can’t be unseen so it’s imperative to allocate spending to cybersecurity resources, and a robust CMS software that protects against attacks before they happen.  According to a study by IBM, “77% of enterprises don’t have a cybersecurity incident response plan.” That means that if ransomware attacks were to occur, police departments are in a bad place.

The best option for police departments (and all government agencies) is to have a disaster recovery plan to ensure information is protected and recovered. There is a silver lining despite recent ransomware attacks on police departments, grant funding is available for police departments to improve their cybersecurity and invest in technology infrastructure.  

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