Top 10 Government Website That You Need To Bookmark

Author: Ray


If you are looking for an All-in-One place for finding all the government websites, then you have just landed in the right blog. This blog mainly focuses on the top 10 Government websites which will act as your only repository. All the government websites are not very user-friendly and have a dull appearance but still, we need it often for finishing some of our works.

Government websites are highly required for various purposes like examination, finding an appointment, job-related queries, tender queries, and other related information. Let's have a look at the top 10 government websites that might be of your help.

List of top 10 government websites:

  1. This is one of the top 10 government websites where you can find the recent updates about the top global news, specifically the UK region. The website gives you an option of topics that includes business and industry, defense, education, environment, government, money, parenting, society and culture, health and social care and the newest edition is coronavirus or covid-19. You can browse on any of the topics and find related blogs that can help you clear your doubts.
  2. This is another web portal that will help you in providing the right inside that you require to win the market with your business. The name of the website is Similarweb. Similarweb provides you a global analysis of the multi-device market intelligence for tracking, understanding, and growing your digital market share.
  3. This is a website of the New Zealand government that does not look like a website. It is extremely simple with large fonts and no ornamentation. All you will find is an official Insignia on the website. This website is the only guide for the people of New Zealand for using and finding government services.
  4. This website is run by the Australian government where you will find updates, recent news, and trends about the Australian region. Currently, the website has a separate column for the covid-19 updates which has made it easier for people to get the recent covid related updates.
  5. This is another Norweigan website, where you will find the recent updates on Coronavirus and other services that are connected to various life situations. The design is sleek and simple with various basic topics and an invitation for signing up for text messages.
  6. Gov.HK- This website is being operated by the Hong Kong government and is accessible in 10 languages including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Nepalese, Indonesian, Pakistani, Tagalog, Vietnamese and Thai. This is something which makes this website unique as it has all the information about the various news and updates of the region in different languages.
  7. - This is a Singaporean Government website that works like any other search engine. It has relevant category tabs through which you can do a simplified search and find the relevant information. Also, its feedback option encourages the citizen to get engaged with the website.
  8. This South Korean website has stood out amongst all the government websites because of its usage of cartoons and icons reflecting the national culture. This amazing website is a perfect display of this South Korean culture in design and visuals.
  9. is the best platform for finding functional government web solutions. Through this website, you can clear all your queries regarding various Government related news. Revize helps you in creating a user-friendly website.
  10. This website is one of the most formal and classic websites. The homepage has a seamless flow and works flawlessly when we see it from its design perspective. This website's mission is to promote assistance to the people of America.
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