February 28

Three Steps to Keeping Your Government Website Organized in 2023

Author: Kathleen McGee

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When you initially begin to look into designing your government website, you have a clear intent and purpose in doing so. It is crucial to keep that intent in mind when choosing elements to boost your website. Below is a checklist and some important examples of how you can do so effectively.

1. Clean Home Page 
The home page is what consumers first view when launching a website. Having a clear and concise layout on your opening page will make it easier for citizens to follow and utilize. Minimal words on the home page are imperative. Keeping any text at the length of less than a paragraph will be of great benefit to your government entity. 

Try to envision the page as your dashboard as citizens want to get in and out and find the exact information they are looking for as efficiently as possible. For example,  Grosse Ile Township Downtown Development Authority, MI has a beautiful home page that acts as a dashboard with any and all information within convenient reach.

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2. Color Scheme 

A website color scheme is a collection of colors that you or your web designers will use to design your website. That being said, keep it simple with the color scheme. 

Some ideas of color schemes may include a colorful and balanced look, natural and earthy design, or even an audacious and vibrant appeal. All of these schemes can be made to simply accentuate your government website in an aesthetically pleasing way. Again, Grosse Ile Downtown Development authority is an exceptional example of a neutral colorful and balanced look as shown in the picture above. The beige homepage accompanied with light blue and dark blue accents give the site an inviting and pleasing tone.

3. Lists and Grouping 

If your content happens to have an excess amount of information on any of your pages, do not hesitate to make a separate section or page of content. This will allow for the content to be received in an easier way and will lead to less confusion. Separate the information. 

For example, the “About Us” section may have an overflow of information that needs to be shared on a separate page(s). Each page may have an overflow of information on the website. It is certainly appropriate to separate the information when that instance occurs to have it appear in a more organized manner. Make sure the section has a small description that will lead to that next page as shown below. 
Studio Display_Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 3.20.50 PM

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