December 22

The Ten Feature Revize Websites of 2021

Author: Dani Esterline

The Ten Feature Revize Websites of 2021

Local government agencies' websites are crucial to a community’s growth and development, we know that residents browse city websites to find timely information. Everything from when to pick up trash, paying tickets, and community events, a city’s website is a one-stop-shop for informing residents. Web design and functionality are imperative to provide a positive user experience for residents, and that’s why cities and towns all over the nation are choosing Revize to cultivate beautiful and user-friendly government agency sites.

So let’s dive into it, we’ve got our government website picks from across the nation, and why they made our top ten list.

1. Olympia, WA

City of Olympia 2 on Macbook, iPad, iPhone

The City of Olympia is the capital of Washington and the website encompasses government website best practices and design aesthetics. Ranging from a suite of applications like the calendar apps, alerts, curated-search feature, it’s no wonder why the modern site made our list for excellence in government agency web design.  Notice the homepage features a video of Olympia, WA showing the true colors of the vibrant location.

2. City of Pacific Grove, CA

Pacific Grove, CA
Over time, California has become a hub for collaborating with Revize and creating fresh and modern websites that reflect the agency’s brand. Pacific Grove is a perfect example of a government agency site that’s entire look and feel shows the presence of Pacific Grove, with gorgeous California-Esque photography and app features relative to the community's needs. The site features an agenda and minutes app and a news and headlines wheel that shows Pacific Grove residents the information they need to know. We’re giving this a pass with soaring colors…and butterflies!

3. Parkridge, IL

Parkridge IL website on Mac, iPad, iPhone

With Revize being headquartered in Michigan, we have to show some love for our Midwest sites that exemplify a clean and lovely government website. Bringing us to our pick- The City of Parkridge, IL, with a resident-focused design and easy-to-the-eye homepage. The City of Parkridge showcases the many tools that can be offered to residents on a city website, with a FAQ page and Pay Water Bill link, making the site manageable to users navigating the site.

4. Rutherford County, NC

Rutherford County NC on Macbook, iPad, iPhone
If this site could win a beauty pageant, it probably would. Rutherford County and North Carolina’s beauty shines through the screen on this website, with stunning visual imagery that might make residents leave the site open just to stare a little longer. Besides its unique beauty, the web project was designed with residents in mind (notice a common theme here yet?) The site features a tourism video diving into the area's focal point of economic development, and a straightforward carousel bar for residents to identify the agenda, where to pay texas, maps, and employment opportunities.

5. City of Lufkin, TX

Lufkin TX

The state of Texas has a special place in our hearts because Revize recently expanded to Houston to cater to our large clientele down south! This brings us to another one of our favorites the City of Lufkin, TX. An extremely American and patriotic website, bleeding pride and wholesomeness to any user, the City of Lufkin understood the assignment. Another new government website trend is utilizing videos of the area on the homepage to illustrate the region in real-time, which Lufkin does effortlessly here on the homepage.

6.  Birmingham, MI

Birmingham MI screenshot on mac, ipad, iphone
We’re taking it back home to the mitten for Birmingham, MI, a long-time client that went through a redesign during 2021 elevating the already beautiful site. Birmingham, Michigan is the perfect halfway point between Detroit and Pontiac, making it a destination for locals for eats and events. Birmingham's website design mirrors its affluent population with modern aesthetic and simple usability functions. The site features a side navigation bar that gives visitors a quick way to engage with the city while incorporating time efficiency. Besides that, this site along with others on this list features an ADA compliance widget making the website more inclusive to visitors.

7. San Dimas, CA

SAN DEMAS, CA website on mac, ipad, iphone
We told you Revize loves California! The City of San Dimas, CA is a site that was recently launched with Revize this year,  and users can tell by just looking at the site that some serious time, effort, and planning went into executing the fresh and vibrant site. The stunning site showcases how the sky is the limit with government websites, the progressive site features homeless resources, garage sale permits, and information on environmental services for residents.  

8. Pickens County, SC

Pickens County screenshot on Mac, Ipad, iPhone
A beautiful example of a tourism area website that does the job, and does the job well. Known for its captivating scenery and history, Pickens spirit shows everywhere from its homepage to its parks and rec page making a user feel right in the heart of the county.  The site shows how a well-designed layout can drive tourism and economic development, plus it never hurts when the area is so photogenic. 

9. Bardstown, KY

Bardstown KY website on Mac, iPhone, iPad
Noted for its Bourbon, this government website reflects the grace and rustic aura of the Kentucky city. Bardstown is the state's second-oldest city in the state and is known for travel and tourism, and the web design of the site illuminates all the tourism options in a consumable and straightforward way. Looking at this site makes you want a smooth glass of bourbon, and easily recognize the economic development and tourism in the area. 

10. Roy City, UT

Roy City on Mac, iPad, iPhone

Rounding out our top ten list is Roy City, Utah, the cool-toned website features epic mountain scenery highlighting the geography of the region. This government website follows best practice standards with an ADA widget, creating a more inclusive site for the city, along with numerous applications like agenda and minutes, job opportunities, and public service requests. The site is an all-encompassing prime example of government best practice standards, all while looking pretty. 

These are just some of our favorites from the past year, and Revize is known for its unique and aesthetic designs that incorporate government website best practice standards. There are some common attributes that encompass the features of the  10 sites: designs that show how a place truly is (photos and colors that depict the region), app features useful to a community (calendar, public service requests, ADA widget, curated-search feature, agenda and minutes, etc.), and using a government website platform that has over 20 years in the business. 

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