May 13

Revize Attends CAPIO 2024

Author: Kathleen McGee

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Welcome to the CAPIO 2024 annual conference, where we invite you to discover "Your Communications Oasis" in the heart of the captivating desert landscape of Indian Wells. Picture this: a serene setting surrounded by the timeless beauty of the desert, where the arid sands hold tales of resilience and adaptation.

Our theme, "Your Communications Oasis," is more than just a phrase—it's an invitation to step away from the bustling office environment and immerse yourself in a haven where learning, networking, and rejuvenation seamlessly converge. The desert, with its vast expanse and striking vistas, becomes the backdrop for your professional recharge.

In the spirit of Indian Wells, where history whispers through the wind, we encourage communicators to put themselves first for a change. As professionals often in the background, this conference is your chance to take center stage. Picture yourself beneath the expansive desert sky, absorbing insights from inspiring speakers, delving into hot topics like AI and crisis communications, and honing your skills through engaging sessions on tactics, creative campaigns, and leadership. Source.

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The CAPIO  conference exceeded expectations as it was packed with events all day and into the night. 

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