October 4

Hurricane Ian: How Local Governments Can Help the Impacted

Author: Kathleen McGee

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It continues to be a devastating time for many as Hurricane Ian demolished the livelihood of countless individuals. Making a mark as one of the most intense hurricanes and Category 4 storms, it will take time to rebuild life that was once lived in Southwest Florida. Upon this difficult time, it is crucial we come together and help others. Local Government sectors across the nation have the power to assist through mass communication. If you are looking to extend a hand to help a victim in need, there are several opportunities to do so. Let me guide you to a couple resources that allow you to easily send support. 

American Red Cross has set up an easily accessible platform to make a donation online with a minimum of $10. You can access this page by clicking here. This particular link directly supports the victims of Hurricane Ian.

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CNN has also made it easy to donate to the necessary cause. Below you can check out the Florida Disaster Fund or other charities with teams out on the field, helping to restore some sort of normalcy as swiftly as possible.

The state of Florida has a Florida Disaster Fund, you can donate  here or by texting “disaster” to 20222.
Several charities have teams on the ground, you can help here.

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The Salvation Army is another important resource to keep in mind if you are looking to help. They have included a simple way to send support as shown below and you can do the same by clicking this link here.

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Animals were also greatly affected by this tragedy and it is important to acknowledge and assist. American Humane is adamant about restoring life for our furry friends, as well. You can put in a custom amount to donate by clicking here.

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Bottom Line: In efforts to assist in the restoration of life in Southwest Florida, anything you can do to help would most certainly be greatly appreciated by the victims of Hurricane Ian. Interested in learning more about upgrading your website to a responsive web design? Contact us today.

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