August 24

How to Choose Your Government Website Vendors?

Author: Joseph Nagrant

Most of the businesses depend on external sources to provide products and services. However, before you invest time and money in a website, you need to understand what design and development options may be available to you and what type of  government website vendors can truly fulfil your demands. From the suppliers to the company's marketing agency, government website vendors are critical to any business and to the success of the business. Your website needs to foster two way communication with the citizens.
Whether your government website vendors are in place or you are looking for one, below are some steps and tips that will help you connect to the right government website vendor for your business -

1. Call the vendor - While choosing a vendor, consider the most important attributes and if possible, conduct a test run. You can call the company and see how quickly they respond to queries or if there is a knowledgable decision maker. If they make you wait for long hours or are more interested in selling you than helping you, look for a more client-centric approach from your government website vendor.

2. Research thoroughly – If they don't have a website, then they probably aren't the vendor for you. Steer through the website to see if it is professional? If it fits your company's value and expectations? After analyzing all these factors properly, choose the right vendor for yourself.

3. Assign a small job – You can evaluate each company on your list with a test/sample order and check the results. You will have a proper idea and first hand input to better evaluate your prospective government website vendors.

4. Specialized Team – The need to partner with experienced  government website vendors is essential. You need  professionals who can offer end to end solution with his or her expertise. So before choosing a vendor, ensure that you have access to a team of specialists offering effective and efficient services.

5. Security – Government websites are becoming prone to hacktivist groups due to political unrest. For government partnering with website vendors, its crucial to gather information about the vendors hosting and data center for security purposes. You need to have proper protection and recovery plans safeguarding the data using latest advancements.
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