July 2

How Have Websites Changed to Accommodate COVID-19?

Author: Akshaya Ray, CTO, Revize

How Have Websites Changed to Accomodate COVID-19

We are currently in the middle of a global pandemic, and as such, we have adapted our daily lives to reflect the essential changes that need to be made to keep ourselves and others healthy and safe. Many companies and even government bodies are now dealing less in person. They are trying to rely more on the organization’s website, bringing more website traffic and therefore, the changes. So, how have websites changed to accommodate the current COVID-19 situation, keep reading to find out?

Live Chats and Video Streaming

Companies these days are learning how to adapt to less in-person contact with customers and clients and find solutions that allow a face to face interaction without the fear of passing on the virus. Obviously, you can’t facetime with each client. As a result, the website designers are suggesting their clients on adding live video streaming and live chat options to their sites to help compensate for the new influx of online users.

With the rise of zoom meetings and online chats over human contact and risky interaction, there are now more options for online users to connect with others without the fear of getting infected. Organizations are making it possible to handle their business remotely, reducing the chance of spreading the virus, and also allowing customers to get the help needed.

COVID-19 Warnings

Another change is that many websites are now including COVID-19 warnings on their sites when you land on the homepage. This serves a two-fold purpose. For starters, it allows the site owners to share a little bit about what they are doing to deal with the pandemic and give their users peace of mind. Another benefit of these warnings is that it does allow for more information to be shared.

By placing a warning or an advisory in a place of high visibility on a site, website owners are giving levity and reliability to a message and spreading information out quickly to people that may or may not be aware.

How Efficiency is Key During this Time

With more people using online resources or staying home and avoiding in-person interactions, it is now more important than ever to make sure that the information is accurate and up-to-date, that your site is clean and well functioning. If you have a business with a website, now is the time to make sure your website is as efficient and as well oiled as possible. Since most people are accessing websites rather than going to a store or office in person, your site is the most important asset you have.

Cleaning up your site, increased access, and making sure that it can handle increased traffic through an improvised content management system, you can be certain that your customers are going to get the help that they need. Generally, websites are not designed to handle more than a certain number of inquiries or people trying to access the site at a time. But for a website like a local government website design needs to be efficient and change immensely for the increased number of users.

The pandemic has certainly changed the way we do things, and it will continue to do that for a very long time. The key to survival is adaptation, and it is going to make a big difference in the long run. Taking the time to edit and change sites can have a huge impact on your company and your business as a whole.

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