July 16

How do Government Websites Differ From Other Sites?

Author: Akshaya Ray, CTO, Revize

How Government websites are different from regular websites

The internet is a fantastic place as it allows us to connect with one another all over the world, and to impart information easily and quickly. There are lots of different types of websites out there, but some of the most common distinctions are normal civilian websites and government websites. There are some key differences to look for when pursuing either type of website that can truly help you navigate the web with greater ease.

Overall Look

The major difference between a normal civilian site and a government site is the way they look. Government sites are meant to impart information to the seekers. These sites are straightforward, to the point, and logically organized to make access to the information on the page as easy as possible.

Government sites also tend to have a standard font, public sans, to display the information, which creates uniformity throughout the website and makes the information easily accessible.

The look of a government site tends to be very practical, standard and is often lacking in frills or other decoration that might make it look less official or professional. With civilian sites, there is no limit to how the website is presented. In most cases, the objective is to get as many people looking at the site as possible, so bright colors and varied fonts are very commonly used.


In terms of the website's flow, most government sites are broken into headings and subheadings to set priorities of the information. Also, navigation is kept basic. This makes the content more easily adaptable and understandable for those accessing the site. The flow of a government site focuses on making sure that the information is clear and concise as well as somewhat evergreen for it to have merit and value, no matter when it is accessed.

With a civilian website, the focus is going to be more on making sure you get as many views as possible, so flow is more focused on what is more eye-catchy. The content on a civilian site is also likely to be focused on trending topics so that it can grab the attention of the visitors. They can also be easy to navigate without compromising on the looks of the page.


Another distinction is the overall performance of a government site versus a normal site. In terms of government sites, security is of high concern due to the nature of the information that is likely to be entered by the people using them. Government website design focuses more on function than anything else, whereas civilian websites don't care much about security.

Government sites also deal with a large volume of users, especially at peak times of the month or during specific events. This means that a government site needs to have faster processing speed along with being secure. With other sites, the aim is more toward speed than security, and they are looking to eliminate bugs as much as possible so that people can work through the site, and make purchases.

Bottom Line

Though government websites are different, they can adapt to the good things from civilian websites. Web design for government agencies from reputed website developers, make sure that the website is relatable. Though government websites are simple and focus more on performance, they don't need to be boring. Along with imparting the information, they can be eye-catchy as well.

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