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Government Websites are Useful for Navigating Through the November Election

Author: Kathleen McGee

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The official date of the Midterm Election is November 8, 2022. There are several opportunities to participate within your community, make a difference and vote in the upcoming Election.

An exceptional example of a government website that uses their platform to clearly guide you through the process is shown below from Birmingham, MI. The home page opens up to a robust screen that indicates an option to immediately further research the current Election News in that certain local city government. It is extremely easy to follow and crucial to gain insightful information regarding the election.

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You can still vote an Absentee Ballot for this election and the Birmingham, MI government website shows a beautiful example and step-by-step process to guide you through those options. You can always vote in-person at your registered location on election day. 

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The example shown above from Birmingham, MI is meant to show how municipalities can clearly communicate their information in an ADA-Compliant format. There are other resources that can explain the history of voting and other core sources to guide you to have a better and simpler voting experience that will be displayed below. 

Crucial resources to visit that can help clarify any election day questions. Below is a timeline that states some major historical victories in the United States regarding Voting Rights.

Here's How to Vote in U.S.: Election Day Coming Tuesday November 8th for the Midterm Election -
How, When and Where to Vote? 
  • Absentee and Early Voting 
  • Do you Have to Vote for the Party You’re Registered With?
  • Voting on Election Day
  • Who Can and Can’t Vote in U.S. Elections
The bullet points above can be be further explored and greatly benefitted from by following the USA. gov link.
Bottom Line:  It is important to vote and have your voice heard! Interested in learning more about upgrading your website to a responsive web design? Contact us today.
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