July 13

4 Reasons Chat Bots Are the Future for Government Websites

Author: Dani Esterline

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          “The New Normal”
is a phrase many are accustomed to (and maybe sick of hearing) after two years in a global pandemic,  and the way government websites utilize resources and technology has adjusted.  
               We saw the introduction of Zoom as part of workplace meetings during the first wave of the pandemic, following stay-at-home orders. Now the meeting platform is an integral part of communication for government agencies, which we will most likely continue to see for the foreseeable future.
             So what’s next? Even after the rollout of the COVID-19 Vaccine, and the return to in-office work, there is still an opportunity for people to work from home. Government websites are finding employees can complete the tasks they were already doing before the pandemic started while working from home, decreasing costs for office leases and other resources.  The answer is simple, Chatbots. The fact of the matter is users don’t want to spend time combing through excess content to find the information they need, they want information delivered efficiently. 
           “A study conducted by Microsoft Corp indicates that people now generally start to lose concentration after about eight seconds."  Eight seconds to grab the attention of website users! This means web pages need to be as concise, clear, hooking, and informative as possible to attract loyal users.
                We all know what it’s like to sit on the phone for excess amounts of time waiting to speak to a customer service representative to solve our problem. Sometimes the customer-service representative ends up transferring us to a person who can’t solve our problem, making support seem like an endless hamster wheel. Let's get into why chat boxes can be useful for best practice government websites.

Here are the reasons why government websites are making the move to integrating Chatbot Services:

1. Quick Answers- As a society, we love instant gratification. Quick answers help to solve problems before they can be forgotten or become worse.

2.  Simple- When a chatbot comes across the screen, users can easily understand the purpose and use of the chatbot. It’s usable and straightforward.
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3.  Personal-  Chatbots are personal to the user, not just a list of FAQs created to handle the masses.
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4. Time-   Time is a valuable currency of society Most people don't want to wait 30 minutes on the phone to speak to a customer representative if they could get the answer in a fraction of the time via chatbot.
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Whether it’s a tech-related issue, refund, or to find out where to go get ahold of crucial information, Chat Bots are the future for government websites conveying information in an efficient manner. Best practice government websites are going to begin to see a wave of chatbot integration, and being current means being one step ahead. 

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