March 17

Communicate COVID-19 Info Using Your Website

Author: Scott M. Field

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Many state and local governments have been working from home and will be for some time. Concerned citizens are still depending on them for any updates regarding COVID-19 and how it is affecting your community. In this time of uncertainty, Revize wants to help you reach the public where they are, online. Our websites have the tools to get the news out from anywhere, anytime. Here are 3 of the ways our features let you put out time-sensitive information to the public fast.

The Revize CMS allows administrators and content-editors to log in from any computer on any network. Doing this allows you to make on the fly updates in a matter of seconds whether at home or in the office, you can also do this from your phone. Along with online editing capabilities, Revize hosts our websites on the most robust server systems available. This ensures that your website will be able to handle any increased traffic with no need to worry about downtime.

Another helpful tool is the Revize Home Page Alert. Our Home Page Alert lets you post a pop-up message on the homepage of your website with a short description. Alerts can then be clicked bringing you to a separate page with more information. By setting an alert on the homepage you can make sure that anyone who visits your website will see it regardless of the device they are using. 

E-Notify by Revize also lets citizens sign-up for email and SMS alerts when any new content is added to your website. Users can pick and choose whether they would like email, text, or both; and what sections on your website they want to be alerted for.

Communication at this time is of the utmost importance. Revize understands the amount of stress everyone is under right now and would like to help ease that burden by helping you get information out to the community as soon as possible. These are just three of the ways you can use your Revize websites and tools to help everyone have peace-of-mind that they are aware of what is going on.

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