June 2

Closer Look: Newsletter Application

Author: Kathleen McGee

Let us take a closer look at our updated Newsletter Application, a demanded addition to your local government municipality website. The flexibility of the application gives a curated mix of guidance and creative freedom. By the end of the construction of your newsletter, you will be extremely satisfied with the ease of the system.  Below are some imperative highlights to the application. Do not hesitate to check it out!
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The Dashboard of the Newsletter Application is where the core of the email construction will happen. From here, you are able to navigate effortlessly with all of the necessary tools at your fingertips. The Newsletter, Mailing, Administration, and At a Glance features are displayed immediately on the dashboard when you first open the application. Then, you are able to manage your templates and newsletters with just a few clicks! 
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 Unlimited Templates Options
Email templates in this Application are completely unlimited. In addition to a set of ready-to-use templates, you also have an option to completely customize your government emails and newsletters. You can simply build a template within our system or import your pre-existing design. 
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Email Report
Whenever you need to review what has been sent, simply log on and check your email report. Here you are able to see both the recipients and queued emails as well as when they have been successfully delivered. This can be accessed by clicking on Email Reports on your dashboard.
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Design Customization Flexibility 
The Newsletter Application has a broad range of design tools that can give your simple or complex email messages a custom feel. Whether you are looking to add your company logo, colors or certain images and videos, there is always an option for you to expand your own creativity. Beyond that, you can add links to separate pages or even PDF files. The options are endless.

The application is an exceptional addition to getting information out efficiently within your government entity. 
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