July 25

Closer Look: Calendar Application Refresh

Author: Kathleen McGee

When you choose Revize, we offer a plethora of applications to add to your robust government website. Below are five updates to our Calendar Application that will make you jump to upgrade your site today.  Each of the prospective points are able to amplify the organization and attractiveness of your municipal website. San Carlos, CA does an exceptional job of utilizing the application on their site, click to explore yourself.  Let us get started!
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1. The first addition begins with the client having the ability to not show the end time of certain events. You still are obligated to choose an end time, however, you do not have to display it for all to see. Some government entities may not have a certain end time for particular events or they may last all [day] or multiple days. This update will be beneficial regarding ultimate flexibility of such instances.

2.Internally, the permission for editing and deleting events is being restricted. The permission will be sent to the editors and administration on the Calendar screen. Permissions are useful to further compartmentalize internally who has access to which Calendars. The opportunity also opens up the option to place full calendars on multiple pages that are distinct from one another.

3. Next, imported calendar events are imperative - previously the Calendar Application only supported Google Calendar for importation, now you can use any Calendar outlet of your choice including expanding support from other web spaces. For example - Outlook, Apple Calendar and Legistar are compatible with our application, an exciting addition! 
4. The Calendar Application also opens the ability for stylistic freedom. How the information is displayed will be up to your choice! This function will allow you to take creative charge and design events with different options such as color, font, and other stylist features.

5. Lastly, expanding ADA support, which is crucial for a successful government website to thrive, has been revamped to the latest compliance regulations. This is imperative for local municipalities to follow to increase your website's reach and be overall easily accessible for all.

Looking to upgrade your government website and see why other municipalities choose Revize? Contact us today and schedule a short demo.
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