March 20

Adding YouTube Video & Live Streams To Your Website

Author: Scott M. Field

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Not only can you embed regular YouTube videos, but you can add YouTube Live videos after they have started. During times like this where most government agencies have moved to online meetings and other tasks; being able to share a meeting or press conference live on your website is essential in making sure the public is informed with what is going on in your community. The step to add these videos are exactly the same as adding a regular YouTube video. There are two ways you can embed YouTube videos on your website. The first way is to go to the YouTube video you would like to share and click share and copy the URL.

YT Step 1

YT Step 2

After you have the URL, choose the YouTube icon on your Revize CMS text editor. This will open a pop-up window where you can paste the YouTube URL and customize the size of your video.

YT Step 3

YT Step 4

YT Publish

The second way is to go to the YouTube video you would like to share and click share. Then click on the embed icon which will give you HTML code. Copy this HTML code and return to your Revize CMS text editor. A pop-up window will appear allowing you to paste in the HTML code and update.  

YT Step 1

YT Step 2-2

YT Step 2-3

YT Step 2-4

YT Step 2-5

YT Publish

We hope this guide helps in this time of crisis if you are still unsure or are having difficulties please contact our support directly at (248) 269-9263, email, or use the support portal at
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