April 9

7 Big Trends for Web Design in 2021

Author: Dani Esterline

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With every year comes new trends for website design, and staying up to date helps maintain relevancy for any organization. There's so much media out in a public forum, and creating original, unique, and captivating content helps stands out of the crowd.  Adaptation and change helps growth for an organization. 

1. Parralax Animation
Visual stimulation is key to grab any viewers attention, and we see that implemented with a web design trend in 2021: Parralax Animation. Web designed animations are the future for tech, and create beautiful and interesting aesthetics for a viewer. After all, the average viewer attention span has shrunken over 50% over the last decade, making it even more imperative to hook a viewer quickly. Below is a tutorial by Josh Keogh and shows a tutorial on creating Parralax Animation on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. The results are visually mystifying.  Take a look below.

2.  Comfortable Colors
2021 was a year of many disruptions, to say the least. We went through the first wave of the pandemic, accomodated to stay at home orders, and leveraged digital resources like never before. It's clear that when surfing the web, viewers want easy on the eye and clean web designs. This helps focus on the information and content shown on the web design, and not be distracted by busy colors, and Revize offers beautiful website designs that contain comfortable color aspects. Below is an example of Revize web design illustrating comfortable colors and a beautiful aesthetic. 
Revize Websites- Clark County, Photo of Web Design on Computer, Tablet, and iPhone

3. Enhanced Notification Centers
Government website designs in particular have had to remanufacture digital resources to fit the changing circumstances with COVID-19. Notification centers are an integral part of websites, but by no means is that a recent finding. Covid-19 has prompted the level of high performing notification centers , and the importance these functions maintain on government websites.  Revize offers notifcation center features on our web designs. Learn more by requesting a demo.
Photo of COVID-19 Notification on iPhone

4. Interactive Web Designs
As mentioned earlier, captivating an audience can prove difficult on the world wide web. Websites are constantly competing for viewership and reach, that’s why SEO is so important for companies to track growth. Innovative interactive creations can intrigue a viewer to stay on the web page longer. We are going to begin to see more use of surveys, polls, and interactive content to engage audiences and stay in touch as remote work continues.
Photo of group working on laptops
5. Dark and Light Mode
According to a study, 60% of people have experienced digital eye strain.This has caused the need for web designs that aid with visual experience, offering light and dark mode features. In addition, dark and light mode can accentuate different features on a site to stand out more. We will continue to see this trend in the coming years.
Photo of Dark Mode on iPhone

6.  3-D Visuals
More websites are going to add features that include 3-D best practices, viewers find them visually captivating and  grasp a more realistic idea of content. We commonly see 3-D Visuals in things like Housing Authorities showing apartment tours, but over time we may see this concept applied to government agencies and municipalities, to show new projects in the community to residents without risking contact and reducing the spread of COVID-19. 

7. Voice Search and Navigation
“Hey, Alexa” became a commonly used phrase when Amazon rolled out with this interactive echo device in 2014.  Eight years later, and here we are using voice activation services to complete tasks.  Voice activation saves time for users to get quick answers for information, and improves overall experience. Over time we will see web designs that implement voice commerce features. Google says 72% of people who own voice-activated speakers say that their devices are used as part of their daily routines.”
Photo of Amazon Alexa on stack of books
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