July 30

5 Things to Consider Before Getting Your Website Designed

Author: Samir Alley, Creative Director, Revize

5 Things to Consider Before Getting Your Website Designed

Websites are now a big part of any company, and for those who want to have a strong online presence, the right approach can make a huge difference. There are a few factors or elements that you should keep in mind while either designing your website or having it designed from any website design company. These elements can help make a website easy to navigate, easy to use, and effective, and hence, make a big difference in the overall user experience.

1. Navigation- The first thing you want to consider is how easy it is for users to navigate from one part of the site to the next. A great way to understand navigation is to picture a website designed for government agencies (see how a government website is different from a civilian website here). These sites are made as easy as possible for users to find and access the information they are looking for. You can take a cue from them to get an easily accessible website. Government website design companies create pages that are easy to navigate.

2. Visual Design and Branding- If you are creating a website for a company that has a specific brand name, you must make sure the site reflects that. There should be branding built into the visual design of the site so that the users, at all times, know the company name and website they are on. This helps them when it comes to referring new users to your site. Your visual design also needs to be appealing and eye-catching, without the visual stimulus being too overwhelming, to prompt the users to use your website.

3. Content and Information Accessibility- The actual content of the site itself makes a big difference. You want to include content that pushes your brand forward or tries to relate what you want to get across. The information either needs to be evergreen, or it needs to be updated frequently so that your users can find value in it no matter when they are accessing the information. Information should be marked or highlighted and easy to find as well for maximum use of your site.

4. Web and Mobile Friendly- If you are creating a site that is going to be accessed from a desktop, your site must reflect that. You should set up a website that is easy to use and fits the intended mode of access. Similarly, if you are creating a site that is accessed mainly on a mobile device, you should work on a mobile-friendly design to speak of. The search engines also prefer websites that are desktop as well as mobile-friendly. This ensures your users can access the content no matter where they are, and no matter what device they are using to access it.

5. Intuitiveness- This is an important factor especially for sites that have query forms or data forms to fill out. You may want to consider auto-fill for order forms. You may want to think about auto fill in terms of search queries or contact forms as well. Your site should be intelligent enough to anticipate your user's next move in a way that they can seamlessly move around the website without any hindrance. Intuitive design can also adapt to the screen or how the site is being used, and more.

Website design is a critical part of any company, and making sure your site is working for you can make a big difference in the long run. Create a website that is intuitive, easy to access, and user-friendly, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the overall outcome.

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