September 14

5 Secure Tips to Stay ADA-Compliant

Author: Kathleen McGee

What is an ADA-Compliant Website?

An ADA-compliant website means that you are making the information on your website available and accessible to Americans with various disabilities, such as hearing or vision impairment. Revize pridefully follows several ADA-Compliant guidelines-here are some we stress!

ADA Compliance
Tip 1
Using proper text elements, such as appropriate font size, headings, and sub-headings.

Avoid decorative or overly stylized fonts, which are often difficult to read.

Avoid decorative or overly stylized fonts, which are often di­fficult to read even for users without visual impairments or reading disabilities. It is best to Keep it Simple!

Tip 2
Alt-Tags must be accurate, short, and sweet. A picture of a Mountain sunset must say "Mountain Sunset" for example. An Alt-Tag or Alternative Text (Alt-Text) is seen and implemented on a specific website image.

Tip 3
Flyers with text are not read by Screen-reading software. Therefore, you should not upload flyers as images. Be cautious of what you upload and what the accessibility of the particular document will look like when live.

ADA Compliance 2
Tip 4
Your text must have a good Color Contrast (for example, red on white, yellow on white, or red on blue is not compliant).

Tip 5
You must ensure your documents are accessible to Screen Readers prior to upload. For example, most PDFs, Word, and Excel files are ADA-Compliant, and image formats are not ADA-Compliant.

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