November 24

4 Ways to Support Citizens During Holidays

Author: Dani Esterline

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Local governments depend on their citizens to pass policies, improve economic development, and make a positive impact on the agency’s presence. In the same light, residents depend on local government agencies to provide support during tumultuous times. As the holidays approach, it’s important to recognize different ways local governments and citizens can support each other and make a difference in your community.

We’ve compiled 4 ways to support citizens during holidays.  These are some tips and tricks to help propel your community into a sense of togetherness, and help build a reputation of a positive and supportive local government.

1. Team up with local businesses at community events

When we think of our local cities, towns, villages, etc. there are certainly some notable events we associate with the holidays. Whether that be a Thanksgiving or Christmas parade, a light show, or a special event centered around the holidays, for the most part, there are monthly or annual events we look forward to. These events could serve not only as a sentimental event for the community but a way to help local businesses in your area. Consider using the annual Christmas parade as a way to help support these businesses and invite them to host a table or booth at these events. This can help your local businesses in the area with business, and highlight the relationship between local governments and the economic impact businesses bring. 

2. Adding a webpage on your site showcasing local businesses 
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We see streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO include a section of “amplified black voices” showcasing black-made films and tv shows, this effort can be translated with local government to show a commitment towards inclusivity. Consider creating a page on your website that includes minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, and family-owned businesses in the area to show representation. If you have a local farmers market in your area, you can use your
website to highlight local businesses in the area too. 

3. Use social media to promote ongoing resources for citizens

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Many communities and organizations partake in volunteering during the holidays, like volunteering at a food shelter or sponsoring a family for Christmas. A marketing plan is only as effective as its social media, people can’t help with something they don’t know about. Consider using social media to build excitement for volunteering and events around your community. If you feel like you might not have time with the holidays,  try the Facebook Business Suite where you can plan and schedule your content to go out on a certain day and time.

4. Sponsor an organization in your community
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The spirit of the holidays is about appreciating what’s around us- family, friends, community, etc. A local government sponsoring a homeless shelter or food drive helps increase the reach of this project because there’s the power to share with the entire community.  Think about choosing a couple of organizations to donate to or help elevate the process to reach a higher number of people. 

The holidays can be hard on some communities, and the spirit of the holidays is about helping and supporting one another. Think about utilizing some of the strategies above as your community enters the holiday season. Stay safe, healthy, and happy. 
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