November 18

4 Top Attributes of Modern Government Websites

Author: Amit Kumar


It’s no secret that government agencies all over the world over have recognized the shift towards an online presence – whether it be financial transactions, access to information, or applying for a permit or job. Instead of visiting the respective government office, individuals can now pay parking tickets and penalties, view local information and updates, and apply for health insurance – all from the comfortable confines of their home. The best government website makes sure that the site is user-friendly, and all information is easily accessible.

What makes a government website great? Well, an effective government website must offer an improved service, better transparency, and stronger support to people, communities, and businesses big and small. In recent years, an increasing number of government agencies have started making a move in investing in their online website.


Here are a few attributes that these government websites have in common.

1. Responsiveness: Despite having little to no control over people’s smart devices, government websites/ agencies must deliver a positive user experience, and this is where having a few of the best government websites always helps. Having a responsive website design that automatically adapts to the size of the display on one’s handset is key to offering an unmatched user experience.

2. Reliability: No matter how good-looking the website is or how good the content is on the site, if users are not able to access it or the page doesn’t load fast enough, it will be of no use. Let’s face it – slow or unresponsive web pages leave people frustrated and annoyed. People may abandon accessing online services due to poor unresponsive websites. Usually, people expect websites to load within 2 seconds. To meet user expectations, government agencies must offer a better website experience, regardless of the location or the traffic volume.

3. Security: These days, cybersecurity is a big deal for many websites. People’s data can be at risk if proper security measures aren’t implemented. There have been many instances where personal details and data have leaked online due to negligent security on part of government agencies' sites. The best government websites incorporate multiple layers of security to maintain secure and reliable web services.

4. Consistency: People expect to be able to access government websites 24/7 all throughout the year. When it comes to websites, a consistent feel and look representing the overall tone of the site is imperative to meeting user needs. In fact, various studies have revealed that people like to have a consistent user experience across multiple devices. A uniform look and feel will help build trust and shape public opinion.

Key takeaway

In the beginning – the early days of website development, government offices having a website was considered a novelty – something only a handful of government agencies had. While they were nice to have, some government agencies weren’t sure what content to put online. It was more of a means of self-branding. With the ability to change the design and add pictures at will, governments could provide a visual story of the services they offered. Much has changed in all these years, the sites have now become a place where you get to know about the government’s codes of ethics, their range of services, information about the various offices, elected representatives, and more. Long story short, it acts as a bridge and means of communication between the people and the government offices.
Vibrant and functional government websites – be it for state government or for local government, provide people the opportunity to access various government facilities right from their homes or even when they’re on the move. On the government’s end, such services not only help streamline operations and cut costs but also better serve their constituents. This is where Revize helps. A leader in providing easy-to-use, robust government websites is helpful to a government agency. Revize helps in offering unparalleled functionality through websites, and we have the experience of working on various government websites. So come, connect with us to find out how we can assist you and better meet your needs.
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