June 20

4 Reasons Your Government Website Needs a Responsive Design

Author: Dani Esterline


“The vast majority of the world's internet users – 92.4 percent – use a mobile phone to go online at least some of the time, and mobile phones now account for more than half of our online time, and more than half of the world's web traffic.” (Datareportal

Most of the time we’re accessing websites it’s from the convenience of our smartphones. It’s a portable way to access information quickly, and statistically, the most popular method to access the internet.

The same is true for local governments and their constituents, which is why responsive government websites are the best investment local governments can make for their community. We have 4 reasons your government website needs a responsive web design, let’s get into it then.


User experience is everything when it comes to websites, and first impressions do count. If a site is only user-friendly on the desktop view, it does the user no good when they are trying to find information on their phone. This is why features of a responsive web design are crucial for users to gain a positive impression of your site and revisit it. Chances are if residents can’t find the information the first time, they’re not going to want to view the page again.

Fruitland, MD on iPhoneFRUITLAND, MD


Most social media apps are built for access on smartphones and have a responsive website with social media integration. This helps more users visit and stay on the government website, driving website traffic. 

Most social media app platforms are built for access on smartphones and have a place where you can link a site, which is why having a responsive website is crucial for local government. If residents are visiting the community Facebook and get linked to a site that is clunky and cumbersome, they won’t have a positive impression of the organization and will leave the site.

Arcadia on iPhoneARCADIA, CA

3. SEO

Google analytics ranks sites by loading times, so having a responsive website means generally better SEO rankings. Users will generally stay on the site longer, increasing your SEO ranking and helping more constituents find your site. 


If you’re not first, you’re last. Especially when it comes to loading times on websites, and by nature users are impatient with slow loading times. “53% of mobile site visitors will leave a page if it takes longer than three seconds to load.”(Akamai) Responsive web designs and fast loading times will increase constituent engagement.

Bottom Line: Technology is ever-adapting, and as time goes on even more devices will be created to browse the internet. This is why responsive web design is crucial for government website success and resident engagement. Interested in learning more about upgrading your website to a responsive web design? Contact us today.

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