December 7

4 Government Website Trends to Anticipate in 2022

Author: Dani Esterline


It seems like 2021 went by in a blink of an eye, and over the course of the year, we saw
website trends come into the spotlight and make an impact on the way we design and use our sites. With 2022 quickly approaching, anticipating the trends for the year will help guide and develop projects for government agencies, decide where to allocate government budget spending, and prepare for new variables ahead.  Let’s get into it then! Here are the four website trends we’ve collected to expect in 2022.

1. Emphasis on Cybersecurity

For any government agency, cybersecurity is at the forefront when thinking about potential risks that could harm the local government. We saw in 2021 some cases of local governments being hit by ransomware attacks. On a larger scale, Joe Biden enacted an executive order in May for federal governments to move towards zero trust cybersecurity by 2024.

Man coding on computer

What does that exactly mean for local government agencies then? Zero Trust security means no one inside or outside the network has access to resources without providing verification, a process that should help prevent cybersecurity risks. Moving towards this trend in 2022, it’s important to have a robust and experienced provider to help transition to this process.

2. Integration of Apps

Stay-at-home orders and the shift towards more people working from home have made apps even more important for government agencies to get information across to their residents.  The pandemic showed some cracks in government agencies’ technologies, forcing governments to adapt to a tech-first approach. Think about a government agency like a car, you need an engine to run, and then you can add all the cool gadgets. A local government’s engine is its website, and apps are the gadgets. 

iPad with many apps on homescreen

3. Cloud Migration

Much like the integration of apps, cloud migration and its importance came to the forefront during the pandemic. Cloud migration allows your local agency to work on data and technology improvements while not affecting users’ experiences on your site. For 2022, it might be time to consider allocating budgets to properly integrate cloud migration.

Computers laid on the table

4. Identity and Access Management  (IAM)

Identity and access management is pretty self-explanatory- essentially creating a boundary to allow only the right users to have access to the right technologies. This concept is crucial for government agencies because of the many roles and employees that exist within a local government, requiring delegation of roles and access to help with organization and security.  IAM Confirms that the user editing the site is the person they say they are by “authenticating their credentials against a database.”

Women using facial recognition on iphone
Think about how identity and access management could propel your organization’s productivity while planning to budget for the upcoming year.

Bottom Line:

As we know from the past couple of years in the pandemic, nothing is certain.  However, we have research that shows these four trends may come into play in 2022 year for local governments. It’s a good idea to prepare your organization for these trends and to start with a foundation- like a robust government website. Partner up with a team that has over 20 years of experience and contact Revize today to schedule a demo, talk tech, and protect your organization. 
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