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ADA Website Accessibility Guide

Your website visitors are just as diverse as the community you serve and to deny them access to the content on your webpage is the same as not providing them access to your physical location. When the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was first put forward the internet was just coming to the mainstream, now those same protections for those with disabilities are being enforced across the digital landscape. Along with this new focus on the digital experience comes quite a bit of confusion. Not helping the confusion, courts have stated that even without comprehensive legal standards you are open to being sued and found liable if your website is not ADA compliant. Not to worry, there are some basic design standards that you can follow to reduce your risk and make sure your site is inclusive to all users.

4 Government Website Must-haves in 2019

Government and municipal websites tend to be behind the curve when it comes to features and usability. As we move into the New Year this needs to change but first, it must become a priority. Considering a redesign can be overwhelming and you may not know what to look for, here are the top four things your website should have to keep up during 2019.

How To Modernize Your Surveys and Reports

Old habits are hard to break because they usually still work. Even so, failure to modernize your surveys will eventually lead to outdated methods and out-of-touch reports. Improvements in survey deliverables likely will require an attitude of experimentation. As you consider how to compress your surveys, spice up your reports and broaden your reach, don’t let worry about false steps prevent innovation. There are plenty of opportunities to express creativity in data reporting and lots of good ideas to draw from. Implementing some or all of these newer, best practices in your jurisdiction can increase survey response rates, streamline questionnaires and bring reporting into the modern era.

10 Ways to Improve Your Municipal Web Design

Websites are one of the most important tools to retrieve information. People more often go to a website for information than calling the concerned company official. The more competent a website, the more advantages one gains. It is important to ensure that the municipal web design is effectively meeting the needs of your users. You need to chalk out a journey from the first time they visit the website to the time they become a customer. 

How to choose your government website vendors?

Most of the businesses depend on external sources to provide products and services. However, before you invest time and money in a website, you need to understand what design and development options may be available to you and what type of  government website vendors can truly fulfil your demands.

10 ways to improve Local Government Web Design

If your local government web design seems outdated and the idea of launching a full-scale replacement feels overwhelming but you have budget constraints, you can still make big upgrades and improvements to your website through simple techniques. Website is the most important tool to extract information. People more often go to a website for information than calling company officials for details. The more competent a website, the more advantages one gains. 

What Do the Best Government Websites Have in Common?

Government websites have a lot of information to be incorporated and displayed on the screen. The best government websites tend to use high image and low text designs, prioritize accessibility and mobility and encourage a design that puts the user's comfort and convenience first. These have been the cornerstones of a good website design.

5 ways how a new website can save your company money

For most of the entrepreneurs and business owners that come your path, the need and motivation to build a fresh web presence comes from the desire for more search traffic, a better design and showcasing ecommerce features. If you are genuinely looking to make some changes to your company's website, then think about why that is.

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