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Revize websites come with Citizen Engagement Web Applications that allow residents to be part of their government and participate more in their community!

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Forms App
Stay On Top Of It

Revize offers an interactive online forms app that makes it easy for residents to submit all types of applications, e.g., permits, dog licenses, starting or stopping water services. The submitted forms are routed to the respective departments with full tracking and status updates available. In summary, the app allows residents to submit any application and monitor the progress of their requests. Also, the staff can build any number of forms using this app.

Minutes & Agendas
Organize With Ease

Using this app, you can upload agendas, meeting packets, meeting minutes, proposals for review, and more to one area of your website for easy access and review before, during, or after meetings. Previous meeting agendas and information are archived per meeting for quick access at any time.

Notification Center
Simple Yet Powerful

You can’t fool or control Mother Nature. But you can protect members of your community from her wrath. Posting emergency notifications on your home page, any other page, or throughout your site, this module allows your content editor to accurately explain the situation and instruct members of your community on the next steps to take.

Business Directory
Find Business Easily

Ideal for municipalities, chambers of commerce or any membership organization, this module allows you to easily create and maintain a searchable directory of members or businesses. Listings can be added, removed and categorized by non-technical staff in a simple table interface.

Calendar App
Robust & Intuitive

The Master/Sub Calendar app is an easy-to-use tool that enhances usability and encourages the dissemination of information about events, both internally and externally. It provides visibility and transparency into activities, meetings, and other happenings with a visually appealing display with easy-to-find event contact information. The ability to insert recurring events saves time by allowing you to create the event once and then repeat it automatically. This is especially helpful for Board and City Council meetings.

FAQ's App
Handy & Convenient

FAQ’s make it easy for site visitors to find answers to common questions and will greatly decrease the number of calls coming into your switchboard each day. In fact, within six weeks of a Revize website launch, our clients typically experience a significant decrease in the number of daily phone calls… some by as much as 23%!

Keep Them Notified

Many of our municipal clients include an email notification option on their Meeting Minutes and Meeting Agendas pages so that interested citizens can sign up to receive automatic updates any time there is a new posting.

Parks Reservation
Reservation Made Easy

This app allows for the display of parks shelters and their amenities so that residents can easily manage reservations without the need of personal assistance from your employees. Website visitors can search for facilities by type and availablity, review the amenities for each facility and easily reserve the facility that best meets their needs. There’s even the option to pay for its use online.

Staff Directory
Staff Showcased

This module allows you to create and maintain a searchable staff directory, thus greatly reducing the number of calls coming into your switchboard from residents looking to identify a specific individual with whom they need to speak.  Listings can be added, removed and categorized by non-technical staff in a simple table interface.

Public Service Request App
Request Anything

This app allows customers, residents, participants, students, or any site visitor to post requests online.  Tracking those requests, along with your organization’s response, couldn’t be easier than when you’re using the Revize platform.  Users can sign themselves up, create a Login ID and Password, then post a request which they can track through to completion.  The request tracker is ideal for any type of interactive communication where multiple individuals need to be able to post, track, and resolve any type of request.

Document Center
Documents Done Right

Revize helps clients save thousands of dollars each year in employee time and resources with our Document Management Center. Using this module you can create and archive the documents your site visitors need: applications, brochures, manuals, policy and data sheets, research papers, meeting minutes, and more. By providing all of your documents online, anyone can access them 24/7 – usually within two clicks -- and you won’t incur any printing or postage costs.

Job Application
Hire the best

HR departments love Revize’s job postings app, which allows your site visitors to view and apply for open positions online.  Postings are removed automatically based on the job expiration date input by your HR personnel.  You can provide as much detail as you like and link to or upload any number of files that fully describe the job position. Best of all, the form fill interface allows new openings to be posted in minutes by non-technical staff.

Bid Posting
Stay In The Know

Make sure your government agency is receiving the best possible vendor options for community projects with our bid posting app. An efficient way for vendors to see what your community is looking for, and receive and select the best bid choice for community projects. Post invitations to bid spanning from construction, pavement repair, and other possible upgrades and replacements within the community. With options to specify the open and close dates for bid opportunities, our bid posting app makes it easy to automatically post and remove any bid from the website. Keep timelines, dates, and quotes open to the public and stay on top of projects and potential vendors.

Agenda Manager
Stay Organized, Accountable, and Stable

This new cutting-edge app makes local government officials' lives easier, by organizing and maintaining meetings and minutes. Users or groups have access to input information to the official meeting minutes, like notes, attached images, and minute files. Additionally, users and administrators have the power to choose if the minutes are finalized or not, and the option to make the meeting public or private to site visitors. When the meeting or agenda is closed, there will be a publicly available link to the agenda you can share with constituents that will look almost identical to a common paper agenda currently used in government agencies. There’s also export to PDF function for record-keeping purposes. Constituents can subscribe to these finalized meetings to stay updated. Essentially, the app integrates seamlessly with your government website all while creating organization for multiple boards and commissions with ease and transparency.

Newsletter App
Let's Connect

This particular app is crucial for municipalities to stay connected and communicate efficiently throughout their entity. The flexibility of the application gives a curated mix of guidance and creative freedom. From templates to starting from scratch - the management is yours to choose! By the end of the development of your newsletter, you will be extremely satisfied with the ease of the system.

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