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Why Revize?

There are many Web Content Management tools on the market today.  How do you decide which one is the best for you?  The following defines some elements that you should consider when you evaluate which one is right for you. 

Revize helps to build  SEO Friendly Sites

Below are the ways Revize CMS help you build sites for your favorite search engines.

  • Every page in your site can have editable title, keywords and description unique to that page
  • User friendly URLs.  Each page in Revize  has a meaningful URL  that you can control.  You can also create as many folders and sub folders as needed to store your pages in a sensible way to both users and search engines.
  • Manipulate the keywords, key phrases. meta tags using the Revzie CMS Wisywig editor 
  • More people in your organization can create pages over time specific to your business and give more pages for the search engines to index. More content the site has, better is the chance to come up higher in search engines
  • Use CSS positioning or table structure for your template layout.
  • Easily embed your favorite analytics and measurement software into the templates to monitor your progress.

Revize uses Customized, Contextual Edit Forms

All Web Content Management tools proudly proclaim their tool is easy-to-use by non-technical people.  Our test is:  "Can our COO's 74 year old mother - Jennie, use it?

Uniquely, Revize uses "contextual" Edit Forms, that is, Edit Forms that reflect the "look & feel" of the Web Site.  And you can have one Edit Form through which all objects on a Web Page (i.e., text, images, files, links and new pages) can be edited.   

Why is this important?  The ability to present information as it is viewed on the Web Page is an important advantage for non-technical people - they can see what they are about to change in the context of the Web Page.  And they will see their change immediately with Revize. 

There are many examples where competitor products have gone unused as non-technical content editors refuse to use interfaces built by technical people that do not understand the perspective of non-technical content editors.  Revize's "contextual" Edit Forms provide a very important "ease-of-use" advantage as virtually all of our competitors force their own user interface on customers, that is, virtually all of our competitors use two or more "canned" user interfaces that your non-technical people have to "learn and adapt to" - one for text using a Rich Text Editor, another "hierarchal, directory structure" to upload files, images and very often another "hierarchal, directory structure" to add Web Pages and links.

Revize's "contextual" Edit Forms can literally be "fill-in-the-blank" forms (using style sheets) with "simple-to-use" Wizards to upload images and files or add links and new Web Pages.  And Jennie can use these forms very easily.

And because these Edit Forms are developed through Revize's Dreamweaver Extension, Edit Forms can easily be created to give more sophisticated Content Editors greater power, latitude and control over their content. 

Importantly, this gives the Web Developer the capability to develop Edit Forms to the level of sophistication of the targeted group of non-technical content editors.

 Revize is truly a complete, "Commercial-off-the-Shelf" software product

Revize comes complete with an embedded, production SQL Database, Application Server and Web Server requiring only a standard client browser for all user interfaces and capabilities.  And Revize installs in less than 60 minutes and your ready to go.

Why is this important?   Because Revize gives you the lowest "TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP" of any product on the market today - no need to purchase any additional software.  And all software is integrated - system administration and maintenance costs are very low as clients do not have to install other software products and make certain they all work together.  You only have to call one vendor - Idetix Software Systems.

Note:  Revize does support other databases (e.g., SQL Server, ORACLE) as well as other Application/Web serversm (e.g., Websphere and Apache/Tomcat), if required.

 Revize utilizes an Innovative Publishing Strategy

Revize uses an innovative publishing technology (patent pending) that assembles Web Pages and publishes these Web Pages to your production Web Server as the content of each Web Page changes.  Many other competitors assemble Web Pages each time a "visitor" requests a page - 10,000 page views a day = 10,000 Web Page assemblies (all competitors that use this publishing strategy try to minimize the server load by using the server's cache). 

Why is this important? Revize's publishing technology increases reliability and availability while reducing server load, thereby improving "visitor" response time.  Web Content Management software that publishes "dynamically" is very complex and adds risk to the Content Server's availability - and when it is down, your Web Site is down.  Revize on the other hand can be installed on a separate server from the Web Server, maximizing the up-time of your Web Site.  Additionally, your "TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP" is lower because the Revize does not required as powerful a server as other competitors' products do.

Revize is exceptionally Extensible and Scaleable

While Revize is a full-featured Web Content Management System, it provides a full set of powerful APIs enabling clients to add customized functionality to their Web Sites and Web Applications.  It is through these APIs that clients can provide dynamic capabilities at the time a Web Page is visited (e.g., log-in, legacy database access, processing, reporting, and exporting data.