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Revize Software Systems is pleased to write and gather White Papers and articles that help potential customers better understand how to use technology to further attainment of their goals and objectives.


Crain's - Web sites can boost support for nonprofits, Ann Arbor firm finds

White Papers:

icon pdf    Six Common Factors to Consider for Selecting a Web CMS 

This White Paper  describes six important factors to consider while evaluating  a web Content Management software

icon pdf    Leveraging Information with your Web Site
This White Paper provides ideas on how government agencies, cities, and counties can leverage the power of the Internet to drive more traffic to your web site and the role Web Content Management plays in reducing internal costs. 

icon pdf    Revize Philosophy
This White Paper touches upon the principles based on which Revize CMS is built

icon pdf    Email Marketing Guidelines
This White Paper describes guiding principles that  orgnanizations should adopt to be successful in email marketing