Technical Architecture

Technical Architecture

Technical Overview

The Revize Web Content Management System is a standards-based, open architecture software product without any proprietary restrictions.   Revize uses leading industry technologies to avoid integration problems with existing systems and comes complete with its own integrated Publishing Engine, Embedded Relational DB, JSP/Servlet Engine, and Application Server.

Significantly, Revize is a cross-platform, dynamic application that reconstructs Web Pages and republishes them only when content is changed, not on every page view.   By publishing pages to your Web Site when content is changed, rather than constructing pages every time they are viewed, Revize maximizes response time to the visitors who browse your Web Sites.  And this strategy completely supports all Search Engines  even those that use "automated spider" technology to index your Web Site.

Furthermore, because Revize constructs pages when they are changed, not when they are viewed, Revize works together seamlessly with any other dynamic technology.  For example, Revize might publish an ASP page out to a server when content is changed on the page.  Then, at view time, the page is free of Revize and able to interact with a Microsoft .NET engine for purposes such as eCommerce or accessing legacy databases.

To help Web Developers, Revize comes complete with Smart Tags that can be visually placed on the page with the Revize Dreamweaver extension.  These tags are fully customizable and allow the developer to expand Revize functionality as much as needed.  To maximize this extensibility, the full Revize Java API is provided with the product.  Revize thus becomes a true framework for easily building online services and applications  as well as providing robust out-of-the-box content management capability.  These Web Developer techniques are documented in the Revize Developer Handbook.

Revize utilizes the following standards and technologies:

  • Java, J2EE Web Applications
  • Java Server Pages (JSP), JSP Tag Libraries
  • XML-based Communication and Tag Language
  • SQL, ODBC, JDBC compliance
  • HTTP, HTML, JavaScript
  • Web-based Administration Functions
  • LDAP, Java 2 Security Model

The following Revize architectural diagram illustrates the interactions between the users of the system and the underlying technologies.

Revize Technical Architecture


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