Revize Software Systems prides itself on its responsive, comprehensive Technical Support capabilities.  Our clients can count on us to help them resolve whatever issue is hindering their objectives. 

We measure ourselves, not by our yardstick but by our customers' yardstick - it is the only one that matters.  We work hard to help customers be successful, whether its resolving "platform issues" (WINDOWS, LINUX, UNIX, etc. can be challenging at times), Revize product issues or Web Site development issues, you can count on us to do our best to help you be successful.

That is why we have a secured, special section of our Web Site dedicated to supporting our clients.  It is not an inexpensive, non-personal way of dealing with our clients.  This Support Section provides information to our clients including:

  • Access to the status of their respective issues
  • Information regarding current and future releases
  • Web Design Tenets and Guidelines
  • Estimating Guidelines using Revize
  • High-level Project Plans
  • Developers' Tips & Tricks

When you check RevizeSoftware Systems references, please ask them about our support.  Their words are better than ours.

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