What is a Revize WebSpace?

What is a Revize WebSpace?

Revize webSpacesTM

Revize Software Systems has developed a unique system to reduce an organizations total cost of ownership for the management of its content.  A single Revize installation can be segmented to manage many different Web Sites, assigning to each its own set of administrators, developers, and editors, as well as its own workflow system.  Each group of users can remain entirely separate from the others.    Each of the managed sites exists in its own "space"  that is, its own Revize webSpace.

Although a Revize webSpace is often used to manage separate Web Sites, different portions of a single Web Site can be segregated into their own webSpaces.  Or, more than one Web Site can be included in a single webSpace, where the same set of personnel manages multiple sites.  Finally, a given user can be assigned to more than one webSpace.  Revize webSpaces mold to fit your organizational structure.  Rather than purchasing multiple copies of Revize, your organization purchases a license for additional webSpaces at a fraction of the cost.

Technically, a webSpace is a logical entity of administrative control relative to Web Assets, Workflow Management and Security Administration.  This span of control is totally determined by the customer.

 Web Assets include:

  • Revize-enabled Web Page Templates
  • Edit Forms (used by Content Editors)
  • Content used on Web Pages within a given webSpace
  • Global content used throughout a given webSpace
Workflow Management includes:
  • Ability to define and use Workflows to manage the creation and updating processes associated with some or all of an organizations Web Assets
Security Administration includes:
  • Ability to assign roles and permissions to Users that are enforced within a single webSpace.

As the following diagram demonstrates, multiple webSpaces (up to 500) can coexist within the same server installation of Revize, publishing to multiple channels.

Revize webSpace

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