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Revize WebGen

Revize® Software Systems has dedicated itself to providing software solutions that effectively address the needs of its Clients.  Our flagship product, Revize® v4.3, has been a solution of choice for numerous corporations (domestic and international) as well as Government agencies (local and federal), Healthcare Providers, Educational Institutions and Associations.

As a result of years of close collaboration with clients in these markets, Revize has created Revize® WebGen (Web Site Generator) a turnkey, corporate-class Web Site solution that is integrated "out-of-the-box" with the powerful Revize® CMS Web Content Management System.

Revize developed Revize® WebGen using state-of-the-art web site and web page design concepts.  This solution reflects efficient, flexible organization of information and uses very effective presentation techniques including adherence to Section 508 Compliance standards.

Very importantly, access to specific information has been studied from the perspective of the Web Site visitor, providing many ways to get to the same information  and as you know, different Web Site visitors will seek the same information in different ways.

Overview of Revize® WebGen

Revize® WebGen is shipped ready to load content out-of-the box.  To facilitate the updating of information by non-technical Content Owners, "fill-in-the-blank" Edit Forms and "easy-to-use" Wizards are part of this complete solution.  The web pages are bound together into an out-of-the-box, customizable Web Site that allows Content Contributors complete flexibility to expand their site without technical know-how, while at the same time protecting the site's look and feel.

Revize® WebGen utilizes a modifiable structure that enables full control the "look and feel" of your organization's Web Site where you want control but also allows specified Content Owners more latitude  using a WORD-like Rich Text Editor.  This is controlled through set-up and security features of Revize.   Revize® WebGen is built such that you control the navigation (the links), the names of links, headings, etc. Revize® WebGen comes with integrated Search capabilities to facilitate the locating of desired information.

The General Structure of Revize® WebGen includes:

  • Top Section  includes Logo, Major Information Categories, and Search Capabilities
  • Left Section  Navigation throughout Web Site
  • Center Section  Information
  • Right Section  News, Alerts, Other Information you want to "highlight"
  • Bottom Section  Major Information Categories, Contact Us

Revize® WebGen allows you to delegate the updating of Web Pages (or sections of Web Pages) to Content Owners through the Internet  even if they are outside of the organization (e.g., outside agencies, remote offices, etc.)  No special client software is required on the Content Contributors desktop.  Revize is accessible through standard internet browsers.Permission and Scheduled Publishing controls assure that only those authorized to make changes to the site can do so and that publishing takes place only when it is scheduled.


  • "Out of the Box" and ready-to-install  comes complete with Publishing Engine, Embedded
  • Relational DB, JSP/Servlet Engine, and Application/Web Server  no additional costs
  • Extremely quick-to-deploy  days not weeks
  • No special client software or applets required for Content Editors (just standard web browser)
  • Lowest "Total Cost of Ownership" in the industry including software, training, installation/setup
  • Template-based for productivity and control -  separates Content from Web Page structure
  • Publishes Web Pages only when content changes
  • Easily grow number and depth of site sections
  • Ideal for internet and intranet applications


  • Ability for non-technical End Users to add, preview and update Web Pages using standard browsers (including remote activities)
  • Rich Text Editor provides WORD-like editing capabilities (little or no training required
  • Includes Spellchecker
  • Selectively retain/not retain formatting from MS Word docs with copy/paste function.
  • Update and add text, images, graphics, documents, PDFs, links and pages
  • Quickly and easily create lists (sort alphabetically or by date)
  • Add, preview and update "global objects" (i.e., objects used by many Web Pages
  • Consistent with 508 Compliance standards


  • Template-based structure controls define "look and feel" of Web Site
  • "Re-skin/re-theme" entire site with simple and intuitive wizards.  No programming required.
  • Supports Scheduled Publishing and Expiration
  • Includes golbal workflow
  • Supports Content and Web Page versioning
  • Rollback capabilities (republish earlier versions of Web Pages)
  • Ability to attach Metadata, key words, title and description
  • Includes Audit Trail Report of all changes 
  •  Web-based Administrative Maintenance
  • Version Management


  • Group/Role and Permission-based Security Model
  • Ability to setup Content Owners/Editors and restrict which Web Pages they are authorized to update
  • Supports LDAP/Active Directory Integration 


  • Pre-defined site themes available
  • Ability to customize site themes
  • Complete control over site navigation tabs (name, number and position within menus)
  • Add Sections and Pages as desired
  • Supports Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Create and insert custom Banners (Banner design services available)


  • Link manager for external links, documents and new pages
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Out-of-the-box Site search
  • Search capability for Web Site visitors
  • Single implementation can support a Web Site with thousands of Web Pages
  • Immediate deployment when content or templates are changed (subject to Scheduled Publishing parameters)
  • Ability to link to applications on other Web Sites
  • Ability to publish to Internets, Intranets, Extranets, RSS News Feed
  • Contextual help eliminates need for manuals
  • Outstanding Customer Support
  • Content Migration Services Available
  • Relational Capability


  • Built-in Pure Java providing Cross-Platform Support and based upon industry standards, open architecture
  • Includes integrated Publishing Engine, Embedded Relational DB, JSP/Servlet Engine, and Application/Web Server 
  •  No special client software or applets required for Content Editors
  •  No production server software required for viewing
  • Dynamically assembles Web Pages and immediately publishes static pages when approved
  • Publishes Web Pages only when content changes
  • SQL, ODBC, JDBC compliance
  • Uses LDAP, Java 2 Security Model (set up fee required)
  • Platform Independent (Certified on Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Red Hat Linux 6.2-9, Solaris
  • Supports standard Web browsers 


  • Single Server-based Pricing (i.e., not User-based or URL-based pricing)
  • Unlimited URLs, Web Sites, Web Pages
  • Unlimited Web Developers, Content Editors
  • Instructor-led Onsite & Web-based Training options, self-paced Web-based Training option

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