Revize Dreamweaver Extension

Revize Dreamweaver Extension

Revize Dreamweaver Extension

Revize Software Systems has developed a specialized extension to Macromedia's popular Dreamweaver Web development software product.  Today, Dreamweaver is used by over 70% of the Web Developers in the U.S.

Through this Revize Dreamweaver Extension, the functionality of our Revize Web Content Management System is integrated with Dreamweaver making it very easy to build templates and "Revize-enable" those templates.  Additionally, Revize's contextual edit forms (which enable non-technical people to perform their own content management) are created very quickly once the templates are "Revize-enabled".  Specialized icons and a Revize-specific dropdown menu allow Web Developers to define tables and fields within Revize's embedded database.

The key value here is through Dreaweaver, Web Sites and Web Pages can be developed quickly passing content management responsibilities to non-technical people.


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