Benefits Of Using Revize

Benefits Of Using Revize.

Benefits of the Revize Web Content Management System


Web Pages are kept up to date and current.  Business users gain the ability to edit Web Pages directly, quickly and easily using fill-in-the-blank forms and simple wizards  no technical skills required.  Outdated material no longer compromises the value of your Web Site as multiple business users (unlimited) can be authorized to update different sections of your Web Site.  Your key audience  customers, employees, suppliers, students, receive the critical information you wish to convey.  And you dont even have to wait for the Webmaster to return from vacation.

All Web Pages can be implemented with a consistent look and feel.  Standard Templates enforce your desired image across your whole organization or individual departments.  At the same time, Revize gives you the flexibility to selectively allow more sophisticated business users greater latitude in what they can change on your Web Site.

Web Page changes can be reviewed and approved prior to publishing on the Web Site.  Review and approval processes can be automated for even the most complex business structure with drag-and-drop simplicity.  No need to fear that a Web Page will be published with unapproved or unwanted changes.

Web Site development and maintenance costs fall dramatically.  Revize separates the technical side of Web Development from the content of your Web Site (e.g., text, images, lists, navigation).  Non-technical business users can even update their own links and document archives.  Web Developers precious time is applied to upgrading the technology of your Web Site, rather than inserting text, new images, commas, colons, etc.

Web Pages and Web Sites can be deployed much more quickly.  With Revizes Template-based architecture, Revize Software Systems leverages Templates to increase Web Developer productivity.  Sophisticated, new Web Sites are up in about 1/3 the time it would take without the help of Revize.  The same approach applies when converting existing Web Pages to the Revize system or interfacing with production systems and databases.  Developers are spared the monotony of time-consuming conversion work, supporting managements needs for IT projects that come in on time and savings that appear on the bottom line. 

With Revize as your content management solution, you will have the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the industry.  With one Revize server license you can have unlimited Users, Developers, Web Sites (i.e., URLs), and Web Pages.  And no additional software is required  Revize is a complete product that installs quickly and easily in less than an hour.

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