Revize CMS v4.3

Revize CMS v4.3

The Revize® Web Content Management System enables non-technical content contributors to quickly and easily keep their Web Pages up-to-date.  Revize can be applied to a sophisticated, mature site or to the development of a new Web Site from the ground up.  And Revize is powerful enough to manage Web content for any large organization.  Or, Revize can be localized into one or more departments..

With Revize, non-technical content owners can update Web Pages as quickly and easily as they can buy a book on the Internet using fill in the blanks forms and easy to understand wizards. 

Revize also ensures that IT retains control of Web Pages and Web Sites.  Yet, it also allows IT personnel to easily designate areas on each Web Page for non-technical content editors to change.  For example, one of five images on a page might be designated for content editors, and three of five paragraphs of text might be likewise designated.  Remaining elements are restricted to ensure a stable look and feel. 

And IT can use Revize to give content editors as much power as desired.  In addition to easily updating text and images, content editors can be permitted to create new pages according to a designated look and feel, as well as links to those pages - putting true content management in their hands.  

Content may need approval when it is changed.  It may need editing.  Revize Workflow allows for an automated approval system that gives approvers immediate access to content as soon as it changes, complete with email notification.

Since Revize includes a highly flexible system of roles and permissions, individual content editors can be restricted to editing specific pages.  Or, one group of content editors may be assigned one paragraph on a page, and another group a different paragraph.  The possibilities are limitless - again, putting the power of content management directly in the hands of those who own the content and the processes by which it gets updated.

A system as powerful and flexible as Revize might take months to install and integrate.  Not so.  Because our Revize Web Content Management System is a complete, self-contained, out-of-the-box solution, it is installed and ready to go in less than an hour, saving your organization precious time and expense.  Nor will Revize training drain your IT staffs schedule.  The Revize Administrator is trained in 2-4 hours, the Revize Web Developer is trained in 8-12 hours, and non-technical content editors require the least training of all:  one half hour to one hour depending on the number and complexity of the Web Pages they need to update.

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