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    Understanding &
    We´re no longer sitting down at our computers when we interact with
    interfaces. We´re on the go, on the subway, balancing a coffee in one
    hand. Revize goes beyond just making something "mobile". We
    understand your users and how they interact.

Keep in mind that

Not All Platforms are created Equal

With Revize, your website will look amazing on any size device.
Big or small we've got you covered.



Google Chrome, Internet Explorer,
Safari, Opera, Firefox

What To Consider:

  • Extended Period Of Time
  • Large Screen Real Estate
  • Very Little Distractions


Apple Ipads, Microsoft Surface,
Galaxy Note, Kindle

What To Consider:

  • Usually Consumed Quickly
  • Average Screen Real Estate
  • Little Distractions


Apple Iphone,Windows 7,
Nexus, Droid Razr

What To Consider:

  • Limited Period Of Time
  • On The Go
  • Quick Results

One Design Viewed Everywhere

The Mobile First Approach

We’re better than ever at capturing and making use of the data that surrounds the internet and mobile behavior. At Revize, we understand the user experience and how one reacts to a certain layout.


Reaching More People

Allows websites to reach more people (77% of the world’s population has a mobile device, 85% of phones sold in 2011 are equipped with browser). The percentage of mobile web use increased (in just two years) in the US by 69%. Europe saw an increase of 183.43% and Asia saw an increase of 192.46%. Again, keep in mind this increase was just over two years.


Progressive Enhancement

Ultimately, mobile-first responsive web design comes down to using Progressive Enhancement as a foundation for web strategy and design. Designing with progressive enhancement involves smartly adding layers of enhancements to a strong foundation in order to deliver an accessible optimized experience to all.


content and functionality

What do you do when you lose 80% of your screen real estate? Structuring content creates content focus and hierarchy. It’s about constructing your message and telling your story in a way that’s meaningful to your users and is cohesive in whatever context they may be in. It’s preparing your content to go anywhere.

iphone large

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