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How will a Revize website help my community?

What e-government tools do you offer?

What is Web Content Management?

Why do I need a Web Content Management System?

Can we see how your program works before we buy it?

Will I have to install special software onto my computer to use the Revize system?

How long will it take to launch our new site?

Does Revize work only with governments?

Is prior web site development experience required to use the Revize CMS?

Is there an extra fee for software upgrades?

Who will update and make edits to the website?

Are we required to switch our email service to Revize?

Can I restrict certain users from accessing certain sections of the admin site?

If we switch to Revize, can we keep our current domain name?

Is there a limit to the number of web pages our site can have?

Is there a server storage limit?

How reliable are Revize servers?

Is technical support available after training is completed?

Is training conducted onsite?

Do we have to migrate our pages and documents ourselves?

How do we get started with Revize?

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