Product Features

Product Features

Revize  The Right Solution

Revize is the right solution providing practical, usable functionality that allows companies to effectively and completely develop, manage and update entire Web Sites with little startup cost and time.  That is, Revize is a systemic, "out of the box" solution that enables companies to get started quickly without additional costs or support  it installs easily in less than 1 hour!!!

The Revize "feature set" is comprehensive and pragmatic containing the features you need to effectively support your Web Site  and its easy to use.  Through the Dreamweaver Extension, Web Developers can quickly and easily build Templates and Edit Forms for the entire Web Site.  Templates enforce a standard "look and feel" and leverage Web Developers time through Template reusability.  Additionally, through its Smart Tags and Java API, Revize can be extended to support virtually every type of Web Site.

And most significantly, Revize empowers non-technical Content Editors to keep their own Web Pages up to date with easy-to-use Edit Forms.  Where desired, Content Editors can be further empowered to use Wizards to add Web Pages and control the navigation of their Web Pages.

In summary, Revize has the right set of features available in an easy-to-use interface with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership on the market today.

Highlights of Revize Version 4.0

  • Enhanced Image Management Support including customized folders and new Image Resizing capability
  • Enhanced Table creation/management capabilities
  • Enhanced Web Site/Page publishing performance improvements  greater speed
  • New LDAP/Active Directory  Support enabling Web Administrators to leverage existing security structure
  • New Scheduled Publishing/Page Expiration feature improving management & control of Web Sites 
  • Content Migration Tool to import content from existing site into Revize CMS database
  • Template-based for productivity and control separating content from Web Page structure
  • Customer-defined Workflows  supports review/approval processes, email notification
  • Dynamically assembles Web Pages and immediately publishes static pages at time of change maximizing Response Time to Visitors"
  • Out of the Box" and ready-to-install  comes complete with Publishing Engine, Embedded Relational DB, JSP/Servlet Engine, and Application/Web Server  no additional costs
  • Completely supports new or existing Web Sites whether created via native HTML, Dreamweaver, Front Page, etc.
  • Lowest "Total Cost of Ownership" in the industry  including software, training, installation/setup, support
  • Ability for non-technical End Users to add, preview and update Web Pages using any standard browser (including remote activities)
  • Rich Text Editor provides WORD-like editing capabilities 
  • Includes "Spellchecker", "Link Checker"
  • Ability to copy and paste content from WORD documents retaining WORD formatting 
  • Ability to update text, tables, images, graphics, sound, video, documents, PDFs, lists and links with enhanced Image Management Support including customized folders and new Image Resizing capability
  • Ability to insert and manage tables
  • Ability to quickly and easily create phone/contact lists 
  • Ability to add, preview and update "global objects" (i.e., objects used by many Web Pages)
  • A customizable Workflow Management feature that provides an automated review and approval process prior to publishing Web Pages to Web Server including check in/out, approval, versioning and email notification
  • Ability to define multiple workflows with concurrent review/approval activities
  • Includes Audit Trail Report of all changes
  • Template-based structure helps control a client- defined standard "look and feel" of Web Site
  • Supports content and Web Page versioning 
  • Scheduled Publishing/Page Expiration feature improving management & control of Web Sites
  • Ability to publish earlier versions of Web Pages (i.e., rollback capabilities)
  • Ability to attach Metadata a content object (e.g., date, author, email, phone, department, expiration/review date, intended audience, etc.)
  • Includes Audit Trail Report of all changes
  • Web-based Administrative Maintenance and Workflow Creation/Maintenance Functions
  • Roles and Permission-based Security Model
  • Ability to setup Content Owners/Editors and restrict which Web Pages or objects on a Web Page they are authorized to update
  • LDAP/Active Directory Support Interface enabling Web Administrators to leverage existing security structure
  • Ability to manage Workflows by Department
  • Relational capability
  • Link Manager - ability for Content Editors to add links, Web Pages and control navigation
  • Batch Import Utility for Content
  • Search capability for Web Site visitors
  • Special Dreamweaver Extension
  • Supports 3rd party software product integration for personalization/customization
  • Single implementation can support a Web Site with over 10,000 Web Pages
  • Ability to support information-gathering Web Pages and Web-based payment activities
  • Immediate deployment when content or templates are changed (subject to Workflow rules and Scheduled Publishing parameters)
  • Content can be reused, repurposed across site
  • Ability to link to applications on other Web Sites
  • Ability to publish to Internets, Intranets, Extranets, Wireless Devices, Staging areas
  • User Manuals including Tutorials
  • Outstanding Customer Support
  • Built-in Pure Java providing Cross-Platform Support and based upon industry standards, open architecture
  • Comes complete with Publishing Engine, Embedded Relational DB, JSP/Servlet Engine, Application Server and Web Server
  • Publishes Web Pages when Content or Web Page Template (i.e., structure) changes; extensibility allows custom code to access client databases/systems dynamically at point of viewing a Web Page
  • SQL, ODBC, JDBC compliance
  • Uses LDAP, Java 2 Security Model
  • Platform Independent (Certified on Windows NT, 2000, XP, Red Hat Linux 6.2/7.2, Solaris 8)
  • Supports any standard Web browser 
  • Integrated with Macromedia's Dreamweaver
  • Server-based Pricing (i.e., not User-based or URL-based pricing) 
  • SaaS Model Pricing(On demand/Hosted Service for a low monthly fee)
  • Unlimited URLs, Web Sites, Web Pages
  • Unlimited Web Developers, Content Editors
  • Annual Maintenance included for 1st Year
  • Instructor-led Onsite & Web-based Training options, self-paced Web-based Training option

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