Old Way - New Way with Revize

Old Way - New Way with Revize

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Traditionally, content changes are all channeled through the IT department.  This is a twofold problem:

1.  IT departments are bogged down with endless content changes that keep them from doing what they are paid to do: Create new applications and manage Web Site structure.

2.  A content log jam is created.  Since IT doesnt have enough time to implement content changes, updates are endlessly delayed.

Old Way

Revize solves the content log jam by managing content changes within the system and taking this tedious task entirely off the plate of IT.  The IT department is free to contribute creative enhancements to a Web Sites structure (i.e., look-and-feel), insuring exceptional brand management and consistent navigational qualities within a Web Site or any grouping of Web Sites. Programmers are free to add new functionality, create online services and build sophisticated Web applications.  Content contributions from knowledge workers are combined seamlessly into Web Pages published to the Web Site.

New Way

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